Sometimes searching on Mac OS can be a bit confusing. Here is a guide to the best user-friendly web browsers for Mac OS.

Are you a Mac user? Do you feel that your Safari browser no longer meets your requirements? Then you need to start looking for better browsers out there.

Though Safari is the default Mac browser, it doesn’t mean it is the best you can use. Safari is no stranger to technical issues. But beyond the issues, it is the performance of other browsers that leave the Safari behind.

Their user-friendliness also keeps them a step or two ahead.

What are the other browsers for Mac that are worth checking out? In which aspects do they perform better than the Safari?

Continue reading below as we take a look at some of the best alternatives to your Safari browser.

Characteristics of a Great Browser

To better appreciate our list of the most user-friendly browsers for Mac, let us first discuss the characteristics of a great web browser. When we talk about the best browsers for Mac, they must first offer remarkable speed.

Speed impacts the overall user experience in a web browser. If your browser doesn’t load your pages fast, your productivity becomes compromised.

Another is security. You want your browser to provide topnotch protection against common cyber-attacks. These threats include malware or hacking.

These can destroy your system or steal your valuable data.

You also want a browser that comes with unique features. These are extras that may seem minor but contribute to your overall user experience.

Last but not least, you want a browser that is easy to use. You don’t want a browser that makes you do so many things before making it perform a particular task. Find one that is easy to understand and takes a short time to master.

Browsers for Mac: The Best Alternatives to Safari 

With these characteristics in mind, you will have an idea if a web browser is worth using or not. Let us now look at five of the best browsers, in no particular order, and why you should add them to your shortlist.

  1. Torch

Since its introduction in 2013, the Torch browser for Mac always tried to be different from the competition. It used the open-source Chromium code as the basis for its structure. This allows Torch to offer extensive functionality to more than 10 million users.

Apart from displaying websites, Torch allows you to share these sites on social media. You can also download torrents using its built-in torrent client.

If you’re a music lover, you’re in luck. The browser also offers Torch Music.

This free service also helps you organize your YouTube videos. Torch presents all of these features in a user-friendly interface.

You have more than enough room to customize the browser using some of its available themes.

  1. Brave

Brave is another excellent web browser that packs a punch. It features a “shields” menu that contains all its key features.

Of all its features, Brave stands out in the area of security. It comes with a built-in ad-blocker, script blocking, and automatic HTTPS upgrades. Through the menu, you can also monitor the items that the browser is blocking on the websites you visit.

Furthermore, Brave allows you to block different kinds of social media content. These include Twitter embedded posts and login buttons on Facebook and Google.

You can also prevent the WebRTC to reveal your IP address. This is helpful since it eliminates the need for a virtual private network.

Best of all, Brave doesn’t come with any user tracking. This means its servers cannot see or store your browsing activities.

Brave also allows a smooth transition from your Safari browser. You can import your bookmarks and settings from Safari to Brave.

  1. Mozilla Firefox

Though the best days of Firefox are over, it can still keep up with its younger competitors. Mozilla reinvented Firefox and filled it up with numerous features.

With Firefox, you can enjoy a more balanced memory usage. You can also manage your password more efficiently. You can also perform cross-device data synchronization.

When it comes to security, Firefox is also one of the most reliable. It uses Google Safe Browsing that keeps you away from shady websites. You can also use its privacy controls to allow or block specific cookies and trackers.

With all these features striking a balance, you can say that Firefox is the quintessential browser.

  1. Chrome

If we’re going to talk about the best web browsers in general, any list will be incomplete without Chrome. The majority of the world’s web traffic goes through Chrome. Experts attribute its popularity to its design and usability.

This means even if you are going to use it on your Mac, you will have the same feel as if you were still using your old Windows computer.

When it comes to its features, its extensive library of extensions is topnotch. It allows you to download thousands of applications. You can download virus protection, ad-blockers, and note-taking apps.

Though Google Chrome does not have many unique features compared to other web browsers, the thousands of extensions are more than enough to fill the void.

  1. Vivaldi

Last but not least is Vivaldi, which is the best choice if you want a browser that offers superb customization. It allows you to tweak the browser’s aesthetics and overall feel in any way you want.

From the fonts and colors to the menu element and button placements, Vivaldi lets you customize to your heart’s content. The interface also comes with multiple minor features. There is a tool for taking screenshots and note-taking.

There is a reader that optimizes your documents to make them easier to read. Best of all, Vivaldi is also compatible with most of the extension library of Google Chrome.

Beef Up Your Mac Knowledge

By using some of the best browsers for Mac, you can further improve your browsing experience. You can also maximize your Mac’s capabilities. But don’t stop with your new browser.

We encourage you to continue increasing your Mac knowledge. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about your Mac and other Apple devices.