The code for Android 4.4 has been identified as KitKat, and Google has now entered into a partnership with Nestlé and acquired the trademark rights to KitKat. Before the launch of the new system, Google also launched a variety of cooperation with Nestlé around KitKat. The limited edition of the Android Android version of KitKat is now available. Let’s take a look at the out-of-box maps that foreign media brings.

Functional testing framework

#1: KIF for iOS

KIF’s full name is Keep It Functional, from Square. The test framework only supports iOS, and all tests are written in Objective-C, simplifying the use of App developers.

#2: Fliptest – Application A/B Testing Framework for iOS

It’s very difficult to do A/B testing on mobile apps, and FlipTest can help you simplify this process.

#3: Appium for iOS and Android

Appium is an open source, cross-platform automated testing tool for testing native and lightweight mobile apps, supporting iOS, Android and FirefoxOS platforms. Appium drives Apple’s UIAutomation library and Android’s UiAutomator framework, using Selenium’s WebDriver JSON protocol. Appinm’s iOS support is based on Dan Cuellar’s iOS Auto. Appium is also bundled with Selendroid for testing on older Android platforms.

#4: Frank for iOS

Another iOS application testing framework is Frank. Frank provides functional testing capabilities for the iOS platform, which simulates user actions for black box testing of applications, and uses Cucumber to write test cases so that the tests describe the functional requirements as well as natural language, allowing the test to be “executable” The form of the bridge between business customers and delivery teams.

#5: Robotium for Android

Robotium is an integration testing tool similar to Selenium on the Android platform . Developers with a JUnit foundation are still very easy to get started with.

#6: Calabash for iOS and Android

Calabash-android is a Cucumber -based automated test framework for iOS and Android features.

#7: Gitorious for iOS

Gitorious uses the automated test tool Sikuli as the basis for the framework, through screenshots and

Unit test framework

#8: Kiwi for iOS

Kiwi is known for its simple interface, written in Objective-C and only supports iOS apps.

#9: Robolectric for Android

Robolectric is one of the Android unit testing frameworks that are tested using the simulator.

#10: Cedar for iOS