Are you looking for the best iOS emulators for Windows PC? Then this article is designed to help you with that. I have been around the barn looking for the best emulators for iOS apps to run on my Windows PC and finally have found the following. 

You may find that the some of these will work for you depends on what your requirements are. 

So, if you own an iOS phone but have a Windows OS then life can be far from easy in transferring files and running Ios apps on your windows os. So, you can easily choose the best iOS emulators for Windows from the drop-down list below. 

iOS emulators for Windows os are virtual programs that create a different os environment for your desired apps to run. The following are the best you can get in terms of iOS emulators for Windows pc. 

Best iOS Emulators for Windows


This works amazing even for app developers who want to test their iOS apps on their Windows PC. 


Smartface comes in its paid and free version but if you are an intermediate app developer then having the access to the paid plans will help better. Otherwise, Smartface is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows PC right now. 


If you are a game lover and love the feel of an iPad on your Windows devices then having IPADIAN as your iOS emulator will surely give you that feeling. It can take the pressure of gamers and is very easy to navigate the software. It is also compatible on Mac, Windows, Linux. 

Air iPhone 

Air iPhone basically creates a virtual experience of using an iPhone on your Windows PC. Making it an easy journey and lack of lags, which is a good thing for you. Apart from that, you get the full experience of gaming on your iOS apps too.

Ripple Emulator 

Ripple can be used as an extension to your Chrome browser. So, if you were thinking of buying an iPhone or iPad to run your iOS apps because you have a Windows PC then that can go out of the window. It is also a good option for app developers looking to test their apps.

Nintendo 3Ds Emulator 

If you are an iOS gaming freak then this is a blessing for many. Nintendo 3Ds Emulator was introduced in 2010 and boy! Did the gamers latch on to it. You can play all the iOS games without even downloading the accessories for it. 

Electric Mobile Studio 

This is an iOS emulator spec ially designed for App developers and that means the extent of its functions is limitless. So, even if you are a gamer looking to having that iOS gaming experience on your Windows PC then this is the right iOS emulator for Windows. 


I hope the above list has helped you find the right iOS emulator for Windows OS to get you that smooth Apple experience. If I have left out any good ones, you can always tell me in the comments section and we will give you another list very soon.

But for 2018 these are the best curated ones to give you the maximum edge over having the iOS apps on your Windows os.