2019 is here, and branding companies are revising their mobile marketing strategy.  There is much fuss about how the New Year will change the digital market space, including how we promote our content. With that being said, following we are giving some important updates every business needs to make in its mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing in 2019

1.  Fraud Protection

You need to spread awareness about Fraud Protection. This is important for web and mobile app development industry especially. Most things on the internet turn out to be a hoax. It’s important you provide them with clear guidelines on how to stay safe from these issues.

These hoaxes can be hazardous for mobile users and their data. Security breaches, data getting compromised, and software hacking are becoming common very recently. These issues have escalated, and therefore mobile user wants to know your business is secure and doesn’t have a potential risk for them. To help your users stay safe, you need to implement the following:

Fraud Alerts

These are message notifications which inform users about any potential threats about they identify verifications. These alerts help to prevent possible fraud, especially with identity verification.  Such notifications let the individual prevent the fraud through verification check.

Security Freeze

A Security Freeze helps to stop financial frauds regarding the loan, credit cards financial transactions, etc. They ask for the consent of the user before carrying on with the transaction. If there is no consent of the user, it will freeze the account automatically.

Identity Theft

You need to information about the process of preventing and responding to identify theft. To make sure your clients are safe, you have to offer instant action and a step-by-step guide to help you recover your data from any theft.

2.  Make Things Simple                                    

Melinda Emerson, a Contributor at Huffington Post, She believes mobile marketing will become perhaps the most important advertisement medium shortly.

So, you need to mind the evolution of the marketing ecosystem. You have to mind a wider ecosystem which doesn’t revolve around just one aspect of marketing. Smartphones have become something more than mobiles; they are more of a pocket computer now. They more likely offer a solution to everything.

Mobile engagements included several channels including wallets, notification, chat-bots, and much more. Business needs to focus on targeting users with customer-centric marketing strategies where the product and media don’t become they enter of the whole process.

This customer-focused approach help bridge the gap between companies and customers.  Customers have become corner for the whole organization instead of only marketing departments.

3.  Target Specific User

In his update on how Mobile Market could replace email marketing, Ramon Ray says Mobile Marketing can be the next big thing in the advertisement.

You need a specific target approach to succeed. Use a Segmentation targeting and positioning model. It will help you expand your business horizon, especially when it comes to marketing communications.  Your digital marketing strategy should consist of market segmentation, marketing targeting, and product positioning.