The two instructions I speak today are indeed a little mysterious. It is directly into the server to search, this access to the server is not a network, it is a network server. Many large companies in the network server, for the convenience of internal communication, and a habit of storing some files, they will have their own server. Then put the website inside the server.

But at the same time, many internal files will be placed in the server, because many websites will have a password for this account, so that they can enter different permissions and get different information. Especially for multinational companies, they have a lot of such global offices, through some of their accounts to see some information inside the company. Then the file inside the server, we generally can not find the website, because it will never be public. This will include the company’s internal personnel records, as well as its purchase order, and which company they have recently sued, who has been sue, and who has recently resigned.

There are many such files, so if we want to know a company, we can try one of these commands. Then there is a very addictive word for this hacking order. Sometimes we see a website that needs to be registered to show you its product catalog. But once you use this command, you can go directly to its web server and sneak out its directory.

Google advanced search technique

file format

Let’s take a look at this command. This command is called the file format. English isfiletype , filetype , it is followed by a colon, and then add the file format, then the file format can be pdf , or doc , xls , ppt and the like. This kind of file format, we put in our requirements before, what kind of documents we are looking for. We saw in the case, EGLO filetype: pdf this section, then this section, it is to find EGLO . Is there a pdf in all the web servers in the world ? Ok, let’s look at a specific case.

For example, we are now looking lampsplus filetype: pdf , so all is to find a global network of servers, there are no lampsplus related filetype file, but pdf ‘s.

Then this pdf file search, including the Excel and the Word document we talked about later , then its search is not to search for its title, there is no such word. Rather, it says all the text inside, every word in it will search, as long as it has text, it will search. That is to say, in the whole pdf , as long as there is a lampplus , it will pick it up, so this is very good, it will find all the contents of the entire data, so this filetype is very very powerful.

When we see this filetype , there is not much to be aware of when using it, because it is simple, powerful, and easy to use. Then the previously mentioned demand, behind only the file format you want, we can look at it to check what file formats are part of, then we see that part of the screen above the highlighted common it is to do foreign trade pdf of xls, also There are doc , ppt , but it can also find source code.

If you want to find some people’s website source code, program source code can find these, there are some other files like flash . This can be found, so you can try it out, you can find out a lot of very pleasant documents. Then this application, as we said in the previous case, if you want to find some like a tender and through the file to find the relevant customers are using the filetype command.

So we have given a lot of cases before, let’s review and try to enter the company name or some product keywords , and some, such as adding a phone call, or adding some price. For example, if you are looking for a quotation, you can add a price , and then there are many quotations.

Ok, after we finished this filetype , let’s look at another one that is also a little hacker.

Site command

The concept of a site command, we have seen in the previous case, then the site command, it is very interesting is that it is specifically searching for the specified website or site type. The concept is like this, like the title we are seeing now. We now see the title, Welcome to EGLO Site: , so usually if we signed up for LinkedIn, because not registered or LinkedIn in check some customer information, it is often the result is that it gives to LinkedIn members.

Or that is to show you the name does not show you the last name, then similar to this situation, then if we use the site , it will directly show us his full name. So this information includes the commercial database. We have also seen lead411 before , so we can do it according to different scales, such as the number of employees and the annual sales, in the site to this section. So in general we have to check a platform, check Facebook , check LinkedIn, and check some commercial databases. To check the information we want, there may be many restrictions on it. Including Database , 411, COMTRADE , there are many levels in this threshold. When we search, it is very difficult to enter it.

However, if we use the site command directly in the periphery, we can clearly get the information, and at the same time, we can set the conditions. So we can look back at an example we have mentioned before, the customer in the commercial database, the section of the resource, how to find the customer in the commercial database, is to use the site command.

Then site this command, let’s look at a method used by Facebook . For example, I am looking for led light , led light site to Facebook , then Facebook can be publicly searched, that is, the fans page is also a fan page.

Facebook has a total of three sections, one is a personal section, one is a group, and one is called a fan page. Then the fan page is mostly used by companies for commercial promotion, so the size of the company with fan pages is generally acceptable. At the same time, the fan page can be searched, so we can collect the information on Facebook in this way . Because Facebook will only give you one hundred results in it, but you can get all the results right away with the site .

In addition to this, in addition to the use of Facebook , we look again, site also has some more complicated usage. For example, if we use the first Lustre now , it is a Portuguese. For example, I use Lustre now , it is actually lighting, lighting and then site to Brazil, which means that I am now looking for some sites in Brazil about lighting. But I already know, some companies like yamamura and walmart , then I don’t want to see the information of these companies, because they appear too frequently, I can directly subtract site yamamura , and then subtract site walmart .

In this case, all the websites of the two companies will not appear on the results, which is better than simply subtracting their website. Then this is to say that in combination, a usage of the minus sign exclusion, then site , in addition to site to some sites, it can also site to some type of website. Some of the cases we talked about before, such as our site to org , to find out what it has to do with industry associations. site of the GOV , to see if it has anything to do with the government, then this means that the site of some type of a certain website.

If you are interested in the military and want to see the situation of the US Department of Defense, you can site to mil , then this is the order at the site .

The last section we have just seen, site to br , then sad to br , this section is to go to the domain name. The last suffix, which is the section of the country’s representative, that is, if I am looking for a led light site to au, then I am going to find the concept of led lights in the Australian website . So this data sheet, you can go and see, a suffix of each country, according to the name of the suffix, and then separately into the site to see.

Today we just talked about the filetype , site two instructions, filetype is to find the file format, it can enter the network server. For the site , we will mainly use the specified website or the specified website type, and a designated area. But the best place to use it is some social platforms like site to Facebook , which can accurately identify some of our users on this social platform. The other one is the site to the database, such as Database , 411, COMTRADE , we can put it in the database, what customers want to extract directly inside.