With technology, learning has really transported and become a lot effective for students. Today, writing a thesis is no longer a huge task, especially with the many useful apps available on different software platforms. If you are looking for thesis assistance, you can make use of these apps working on different platforms. If you are using an iOS gadget, don’t be worried because you will still find quality apps to get you the help you need when writing your thesis. Here are some of the best thesis assistance apps for iOS.

Best assistance apps for iOS


This is a mapping application that creates structure diagrams. That way, users can keep track of their thesis project and include subtasks, their state and record time assigned for each. It helps you to write and brainstorm by using colours that highlight the task that is opened, complete or is yet to start. It offers some form of encryption preventing loss of data and information while working on your thesis assignment.


Thesis assistance comes in different forms and one of the ways to do that is by having an outline for your work. This is what WorkFlowy is meant to do. This is the app to use for outlining your assignment. It allows you to quickly develop an organized outline of your thesis project and every section with the use of nested lists and bullet points. Get started with the main ideas, themes and section names. This is followed by nesting associated research and details under these broad strokes.  You can also make use of the hashtag-based tagging feature to help you search for items included in the outline. In that case, you don’t have to be afraid of including many items.


This is a great writing tool with great features that provide much-needed support when writing your thesis. It comes with everything you need to be productive in your assignment. Most importantly the UI is user-friendly and limits any distractions making it possible for you to remain focused on your assignment. Although it is costly, it is worth paying for it because it is designed with users in mind.


In simple terms, this is a note-taking app. With it, you can take screenshots of all the reading materials you need and paste them in a Google document. Use Evernote to gather your points and put together reading materials to help in writing your thesis assignment. Keep your notes close when writing your thesis in order to make well-informed assertions. It will help you write seamlessly because you have all the materials to refer to right there with you. 


For all the thesis assistance help you need, this is the app help you expand your ideas. It will give you a great brainstorming exercise for your writing project and help you generate suitable ideas for your chosen topic. This mind mapping will help you capture useful ideas and assist you to brainstorm others as associations get triggered along the way.

Final Thoughts

If you are using an iOS device and want thesis assistance help, go to the app store and make good use of these tools.  Writing my dissertations has never been this enjoyable and organized. With these apps for iOS, your thesis project will be done effectively and perfectly. They will help you outline, write, proofread and edit your work before submitting it.