iPhones are amazing. A complete phone with a completely different operating system and you got everything in that device. Even more than the other Android devices sometimes. There are updated maps with accurate navigations, voice command application like Siri, the first of its kind, Apple store, different music streaming application and excellent user experience. You get everything there. However, the only thing an iPhone user can complain about is the battery life of their mobile device.  iPhone batteries don’t serve users the time between charges that they would like them to do.

But no worries. The help is in your hand. Once you are in this article, we are going to give you such tips and tricks that will help you to make your iPhones’ battery last longer than it usually does. There are a lot of ways to fix that problem of battery life of your iPhone. We searched on the internet for those ways, gathered some information from the official Apple website itself and here we are. And to do online shopping with discounts, apply hotozcoupons.

Here is a list of things you can do to make the battery life of your iPhone last longer.

  • Avoid extreme ambient temperatures:– Apple says, if you want to maximize your iPhones’ or any other Apple devices’ battery life, you gotta try to avoid the extreme ambient temperatures. Apple says, your device has been designed to perform well under 16 to 22-degree C temperature. This is the ideal temperature preferences in order to make your phone battery work efficiently. Exposing your iPhone to temperature more than 35 degrees can damage your phone’s battery. In these conditions, your battery will not power your device on charge. Charging your battery in these circumstances can damage the battery even more. When operating your mobile in a colder situation, you might notice your battery level is decreasing too. However, Apple says on their website that, this problem is temporary, and once the battery temperature comes back to its optimum, battery performance will return to where it was.
  • Check your battery usages:-Does the problem really lie in your battery or the low lasting battery life is an indication of heavy usage of your iPhone? Check out your battery usage to assure the problem is in your iPhones’ battery. Head to Settings> General> Battery Usage and wait for a few seconds or minutes before battery usages load up. This process will help you to know your battery usages and standby times.

Battery usages show how long you have been using your iPhone since been last charged. Whereas, standby time indicates the time that your phone has been the last charge. The time of Battery usage has to be much lower than that of the standby time unless you have been using your iPhone from the second you have unplugged it from the charger.

  • Don’t bother quitting applications:- Sounds weird? Same happened with us when we heard it for the first time. But that is a fact. Apple says their applications don’t run the background until and unless the user has enabled Background App refresh. The only Apps that are allowed to run in an iPhone is when the user is playing music, using location service recording audio or on a video call. So, when you close the apps from the background, you remove those applications from your iPhone’s RAM. And when you open that app again, the device has to load the app again on the RAM and then launch it. This is most likely to be a reason for your devices’ battery life draining faster than you expect it to be.
  • Turn on the low power mode of your iPhone:- Low power mode is available on iPhone and Apple claims that this particular feature can buy you extra three hours of battery life. The low power mode is not a default option. However, when your iPhone battery level hits as low as 20%, your iPhone offers you to enable low power mode. When you have enabled low power mode, your iPhone battery indicator will automatically turn into orange rather than turning into red. The mode will be switched off automatically again when you will have 80% of charge on your phone.
  • Look for updates and do it whenever you found one:- iOS updates are all-purpose minor bug fixes that Apple offers to its users every once in a while. Apple uses it to roll out different vulnerabilities and to fix minor bugs. So always look for iOS update and always keep your phone updated to make it work properly too.

These were some tips and tricks you can use to make your iPhones’ battery last longer.