Entrepreneurs using Facebook ads to target their audience could use ad targeting in Facebook ad campaigns so as to reach out to a specific group of people and to generate higher results from their ad spend. There are different ways you can effectively target your ads.

1. Target those users who are online at a particular point of time

Different users are active on Facebook at different hours. Your audience could be active only in the night. In this case, it makes no sense to serve an ad which runs during the day. Hence, be specific when designing an ad so that it is displayed to the target audience at a time when they are likely to be online.

2. Target users with a college education

With Facebook, it is possible to choose from diverse audiences and this is why you need to choose an audience based on their education, earning and home ownership status. Facebook might not know the audience specifically but it does have access to data which can help you isolate the group of people you want to target in your ad. This will make it easier for you to sell your products or services.

3. Target users who have not checkout

There will be visitors to your website who might not take any action, like making a purchase. You can use ad targeting to reach out to them and to motivate them to do business with you. You only need to set up a website retargeting so that you can build a custom audience you would like to view the ad. From here, you can choose the audience to target your facebook ads.

4. Target the ad to users who have not seen the ad during the day

Some users will see your Facebook ad and many others will not. Hence, it is important that the ads reach as many people as possible. You need to be careful that your ad does not show up too many times to the same user. Target the audience through a daily unique reach feature so that users see your ad only once during the day.

5. Target audience similar to those who got to your site through the ad

You need to create an ad which will go to those who reached your site through an ad in the past. Visit Audiences on Ad manager on Facebook and you will be able to choose the audience.

These are a few effective ways you can retarget the Facebook ads. You need to remember that every ad will not have the same impact and a bit of testing will work best for you. With effective ad testing, you will be able to ensure that you do not overrun the marketing costs. Choose the right type of targeting option for the business and generate higher revenues through the ad. Every size and type of business can use Facebook Ads to reach out to a wider audience and to build a strong online presence.