Your phone is one of the most important parts of your daily life. We all have important data and information on our phones that we cannot afford to lose. In case you have lost your phone, you have services like “Find my Device” by Samsung and similar solutions by Apple too. Believe me; this is useless as it is only useable if:

  • Phone’s location is on
  • The phone is connected to the internet

The problem is with the location of the phone and no one will turn on your phone’s location if he has found stolen your phone. So, if you want to locate your Android phone in real times, you need an accurate and trusted app that actually works for such cases.

How to Locate a Stolen Phone?

If you have lost your phone or someone has stolen your phone, you can track the current location of the phone by using built-in functions. But if you want more accuracy, you can use apps that can turn on your phone’s camera and can turn on the microphone of your phone. Once you have the camera turned on, you can easily use the details of the surroundings to locate the position of the phone.

TTSPY- Best App to Locate Android Phone

If you want a working app that can locate the stolen or lost Android phone then TTSPY is the perfect app that you need to install in your phone. This app can track the location of your stolen or lost phone by using the GPS, current surroundings of the phone and by listening to the sounds around the phone. It provides you full control of your phone.

What is TTSPY?

If you have never heard of TTSPY, where have you been living? TTSPY is one of the best phone locator apps that work for all Android devices and the iPhone too. TTSPY can turn on any hardware or software of your mobile phone without the permission of the user.

How to Install TTSPY?

The process of installing TTSPY is really easy as you just need to download the TTSPY app in the victim’s phone and then access the features of TTSPY app through dashboard from your computer. If you want to read the detailed guide about the installation and setup of the TTSPY app without touching the phone, you can see the other articles on the website.


If you want a perfect solution that can protect your device, data, and information, TTSPY is the best solution for you. You can use this software to spy on someone too. If you want to monitor the activity of your kids, employees or the partner, TTSPY is the best app for that purpose too. Using and installing this app is really easy and you will be guided on every step.

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