YouTube is making major changes to how the number of real-time subscribers is displayed, which may prevent analytics sites like Social Blade from actively showing whether creators are getting up or down. People will not see the exact number of subscribers for YouTube creators (for example, 10500000), but will only see 10 million.

This is critical for realizing the number of real-time users for a YouTube creator who relies on a culture of active users. YouTube’s product team acknowledged in a blog post that “the number of subscribers is very important to the creator” and said the change was set to “create more consistency everywhere.” Some channels already There is such a display feature, but YouTube’s product team wants to make it more consistent.

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that sites that rely on the YouTube API service “will be updated in the same increments as other surfaces.” These include sites such as Social Blade, which is on Twitter.The announcement of YouTube’s changes “may affect our data display.” Social Blade CEO Jason Urgo told The Verge via email that he had “contacted YouTube and was awaiting a response” and added, “This seems to be going to hit Any third party including us.” if you are looking for more subscriber then you can buy Youtube subscribers

Screenshots of real-time subscribers from Social Blade can help track the performance of some of YouTube’s best-known creators, including Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Jeffree Star. The entire channel is dedicated to real-time streaming real-time statistics from Social Blades, often using disagreements between creators and trends as a way to engage viewers. Soon, these channels will effectively stop working as expected

It is unclear how the creator community’s cultural use of subscribers has the effect of YouTube’s decision to hide exact numbers and effectively prohibit third-party websites from using the platform’s API to run real-time counters. A YouTube spokesperson declined to comment.

Other platforms are considering testing similar product changes. According to reports, Instagram is considering a feature that will prohibit the display of specific clicks received by users after posting photos to “reduce the pressure on Instagram.” On Reddit, moderators can choose to hide comment scores and votes. Count, to “try to reduce the initial ‘rolling snowball’ vote, if the comment gets some initial votes, it will often continue to become negative, and vice versa.”

YouTube’s new subscriber display feature will be officially launched in August.