When it comes to getting immediate visibility for your website across search engines, Pay Per Click (PPC) is a tactic you can trust. Unlike SEO, it enables you to market your products and services with greater precision. This means that you are able to target your potential customers more effectively, which increases the odds of converting. Simply speaking, PPC is capable of driving high-intent traffic that increases conversions, sales, and revenues generated by your website in the long run.

However, getting success with your PPC campaign is easier said than done because results come only if you take the right approach. There are some open secrets in this context because everyone knows what to do but still ends up doing something wrong and not getting optimal results with the campaigns. Let us share the open secrets to building successful PPC campaigns.

Secrets To Building Successful PPC Campaigns

Secret #1: Mobile is the key

The last few years have witnessed the precedence of mobile searches in comparison to desktop searches. This makes it essential to optimize your PPC ads for mobile ad experiences otherwise you will end up losing potential customers across this major sales channel. If you are failing to recognize mobile as an advertising channel, you are probably wasting a major chunk of your ad budget. The best approach would be to build a campaign that is designed to run smoothly across all devices.

Secret #2: Diversification of ad channels gets you there

Undoubtedly, optimizing your ads for the mobile audience helps but that will not work alone. Diversification of advertising channels is an important aspect of running paid ad campaigns that drive success. Marketers should, therefore, look for alternative channels such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Bing to extend the reach of their PPC advertisements to a wider audience across these channels. Here, it is important to understand the significance of personalization while designing ads for success.

Secret #3: Create ads for the audience and not keywords

Keywords are the foundation of online advertising as they make your ads traceable for the search engines. From the beginning, marketers have been focusing on keywords rather than the needs of the audience. However, things have changed today as personalization breeds success. The secret lies in tracking the audience to understand their behavior and target them with the ads that would interest them. Some of the Oddest PPC Ad Targeting Categories on Facebook have witnessed tremendous success, which signifies the importance of audience interest in creating successful campaigns.

Secret #4: Gear up for voice searches

Voice searches have emerged as one of the most popular trends of the current times. It is predicted that more than half of the searches will be performed by voice by the end of the decade. Further, the growing adoption of voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri has contributed to the popularity of conversational search. It is important that your PPC campaigns should keep pace with the trend because conversational searches differ significantly from textual ones. Hence, you must optimize your campaign for voice searches to ensure success.

Secret #5: Pay attention to new ad types and features

Another secret to building a successful PPC ad campaign is to be aware of the latest ad types, tools, and features. Location-based ads, for example, are going to be a key growth driver for campaigns because they bring increased conversion opportunities based on local searches. Another trend that you can follow is to have your ads placed in the answer boxes, maps and other facets of search result pages. The idea is to know about the latest updates and features so that you can leverage them to your advantage.

Secret #6: Collaborate PPC with SEO

PPC and SEO are like the two sides of the coin that generate value when used together. While paid ads do make a better investment when it comes to bringing fast results, SEO builds the foundation of success for your website in the long run. Nothing works better than a strategy that blends these two elements of the digital market to get you top position on the organic ranking (you can trust SEO for this!) and multiple clicks for the most difficult keywords in no time (which PPC does).

Now that the secrets to building a successful PPC campaign are revealed, designing one that gets you best results becomes easier. At the same time, it is important to constantly monitor the results of your campaign because it enables you to steer the campaign in the right direction if you seem to be missing somewhere.