How much you are lover of music and considering want to become one. Obviously you can’t simply bump into any big music studio who allows you to listen to your annoying voice over and over. so what you should do that the whole world listens to your voice? Then my friends you are in luck. Using is your best possible solution to become famous. Or you can use Musically alternative Apps.

if you are one of those people who regularly find yourself singing with energetic songs and dance on routine each time on your favorite song comes in radio. Then you should try a different approach to do something that might be worth of all your efforts.

We all live in the age of social media where anything is possible and as time passes the new kind of social app are being introduced just for the sack of fun and entertainment. one of them is that can certainly take your performance skills and creativity to a whole new level.

What is

For those of you who don’t know that or also known as TIK TOK is a unique DIY social media platform that lets you create, share, and discover short music videos. How would strange it would feel if you find Karaoke in this digital age. This app is used by young boys and girls who are eager to express their dancing, singing, lip-syncing, and comedy.

this app has a new logo and came with some cool features that allows users to create videos and recorded in 15 seconds or less an share them on whatsapp groups and other social media communities.

How to use it?

Like many other social networking apps, users can follow, comment, like on other videos. There are many people especially teens where this has become a sensation. If you are new to this and want to make your talent heard then you should know how to use this app by copying your favorite singer, or song in your own way.

1) First you need to select the video

2) Record it miming along the music

3) Make your personal fun with options like shoot in slow motion, fast forward, time lapse

4) Record it according to the length you need from 15 seconds

5) Post it on social networks like Vine, messenger and more

Some best features of

You don’t need to search too much about its features, instead there are many great things you will discover and enjoy that including,

  • record videos from 15 seconds to 1 minutes
  • do it in multiple shots
  • lip sync with comedy or sounds
  • use pre set filers and effects to change your speed and reverse
  • create live moments with GIF’s and music
  • participate in duets with friends
  • enjoy reaction filer
  • send private message to friends
  • use hash tags to submit videos

Conclusion: or TIK TOK is a complete entertainment social networking app that you can use to get recognition by showing skill and music talent. You can find more trending topics like on infoocode.