We often hear the term virtual machine. In fact, in our daily life, virtual machines are quite common. Let’s talk about what virtual machines are .

What is a virtual machine?

1. Virtual Machine (English name: Virtual Machine) refers to a complete computer system that runs through a software and has a complete hardware system function and runs in a completely isolated environment. Currently, the popular virtual machine software includes VMware (VMWare ACE) and Virtual. Box and Virtual PC, they can virtualize multiple computers on Windows systems, each virtual machine can run independently, can install a variety of software and applications.

2, the role of virtual machines in reality is still quite large, such as the simplest, there is no CD-ROM in our computer, if you want to install the system you can use the virtual machine to install the system, the virtual machine inside has a virtual CD-ROM, support to directly open the system image file installation System, in addition, virtual machine technology is also very useful in the eyes of game lovers. For example, a lot of games in a computer do not support simultaneous opening, but we can create more virtual machines in the computer, then in the virtual machine system. Run the program separately, so that one computer can open the same game at the same time.

3. In fact, virtual machines are widely used in enterprises. Because servers are usually configured very high, because many server network providers usually divide one server into multiple virtual machine servers in order to meet the needs of small and medium-sized webmasters, so that each website can be Allocate a part of the independent server resources, and do not affect each other and can be equipped with independent IP addresses, which greatly solves the problem that the cost of using separate servers for SMEs is too high. Currently, the VPS servers purchased are all using this technology. The virtual space to arrive is also the principle.

The above is an introduction to virtual machine technology, I hope the above introduction can solve your problem.