Alexa has been acquiring great popularity worldwide since its launch. The invention of Alexa and its use in most modern devices has led to its enormous success and compatibility. Amazon had launched the first model of Alexa in November of 2014. And since then, Alexa has been learning the human ways of living and talking along with their area of interest through various algorithms designed for its growth purpose.

Alexa to Greet Your Guests at the Doorbell

The recent development of Alexa has even reached the desktops, smartphones, and various audio devices, including the devices that multiple brands sell. The most fascinating as well as the innovative product launched by Amazon in recent time is the Alexa Video Doorbell Pro. The most attractive feature is its ability to talk as efficiently as humans. The interactive element that has been introduced to the market by Amazon has already started winning the hearts of many consumers, making them recommend it to others. This device is usually situated right at your main door from where the entrance of your house begins. As soon as someone comes and clicks the push button on the doorbell, it switches itself on and starts with its programmed actions.

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The membership of the Alexa greeting packages costs around $3 per month, which is quite feasible. The best part of this offering is the video recording feature that the visitors can leave in case you are not home or busy. Alexa simply asks the visitors their purpose of the visit while recording the whole scenario. The specially designed algorithms even enable Alexa to tell the delivery person where and how to keep the packages in case of your absence, which is quite amusing given the condition they interact with the Doorbell. Although, other features have not yet been discussed by Amazon. Then doorbell helps you select the form or mode of communication that you want to leave for the owner, and the owner can assign a response to it. The owner can simply add the responses such as, “We can’t answer the door as we are not home yet” or “Kindly leave a message regarding your visit on the Alexa right here” or “Kindly leave the package outside.”

Amazon has recently also launched devices with more or fewer features as the Doorbell Pro. Some of them offer the parts of motion warning with constant recording cameras. All these features can be simply accessed from the Ring app that helps you navigate through the features provided by the device. To some extent, devices of such kind have allowed police and house owners in case of robberies, murder, and much more as the 24*7 recording feature helps record the surroundings. Privacy, although, has received heavy criticism considering the agreement Amazon offers. Many privacy-centric people have raised various questions on its agreement policies while targeting the drawbacks a user’s privacy faces. Amazon has continuously tried to give the best privacy with its end-to-end encryption support and regular updates to improve its privacy. Overall, the device is wonderful and a boon for people who are too invested in their lives.