NVIDIA is known for its best-in-class graphic cards and other hardware components of the PCs. On a large scale, NVIDIA produces graphics processing units through which it has captured the gaming and professional markets since its launch. The foundation of the company’s reputation was laid firmly after its launch of RIVA TNT IN 1998 concerning graphic adapters and has been successfully able to remain at the top in the market ever since. The all-new NVIDIA RTX 3060 is also one of NVIDIA’s best products given to the gaming industry.


Even though the pandemic had hit us globally, the gamers were indeed waiting for the launch of RTX 3060. The primary reason to wait for its launch was its affordability along with the features it offered. The RTX 3060 with its 3584 CUDA Core features could be placed between RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti, with its price being around the MSRP of $329. This is although the best deal offered by NVIDIA that still would remain a dream for many. The European retailers have taken the complete profit of this situation and have raised the RTX 3060 by almost 50% of the official MSRP.

NVIDIA has continuously been involved in their objective to reach the vendors and make the price more viable. However, the reach of their sources has not yet shown any benefit. The vendors have canceled most of their consumers’ pre-orders, forcing many consumers to buy the RTX 3060 at raised prices. The retailers have also shown no beneficial response from their side to promote the MSRP, and many of them have seen to be working against NVIDIA’s will. NVIDIA has not yet released any formal statement stating the steps except their acknowledgment about the issue. The company has stated the claims of working on the case, but the result is yet to arrive. The European market has long waited for the arrival of this graphic processing unit’s arrival. Still, since the hike in the prices, many gaming enthusiasts await their justice to be brought. The number of pre-orders clearly shows the popularity of the RTX 3060.

Since the NVIDIA’S 3000 series launch, this is the most awaited graphic card so far. Retailers from as far as Pakistan have been reported selling the RTX 3060 above MSP. Keeping everything in mind, this is a pure case of the supply and demand cause, which has happened due to heavy demand and less supply. Due to the heavy demand in the European market and fewer stores, the retailers have benefited from the situation and caused this chaos.

The situation can only be avoided or wholly eradicated by meeting the supply chain and increasing market availability. Currently, the only ray of hope that the gamers are relying on is using the prebuilt, costing around 10% less than the market rate, not making a significant difference. Buying prebuilt laptops or desktops is the only current affordable way to get hands-on from big OEMs like HP, DELL, and Alienware. Hoping for the best game enthusiasts still awaits justice.