The AWOL academy is an online platform, started by Kaela Kanae which is concerned with providing proper knowledge to its students on how to start a marketing business framework with the help of Facebook Advertisements. It is mainly concerned with making people understand how a website’s traffic can be increased by the use of appropriate advertisements at appropriate places, along with email advertising paid emphasis towards as well.

There is also an opportunity to promote AWOL academy, by becoming an affiliate for the academy. But it reduces the overall credibility of the academy in my sense since the promotion of an educational institution requires true experiences and real advice from the students. But by providing the option to become an affiliate, the academy does not get the promotion on the basis of its teaching merits, but due to the affiliate program which students undertake.

According to my opinion, selling this promotion as a business opportunity puts the future of the prospective candidates may be in jeopardy since proper, true knowledge cannot be known!

Since proper knowledge cannot be acquired through the promotion, it raises a big question- is the affiliate marketing with the help of paid advertisements, which is what the academy strives to educate you about, works well or not? Are the students really able to learn, and apply the facts they learn in real life, or is it just another business conglomerate paying attention towards earning money without proper education?

This is why I will tell you today, is affiliate marketing really the way to go or not. We will also learn, whether it is better than other opportunities or not, and should you actually go for it.

AWOL’s basic aim is to help you understand, how you can drive traffic to your website or prospective ecommerce model with the help of paid Facebook advertisements. The main problem with this business prospect is, that it sometimes becomes expensive to pay for Facebook advertisements, and if your business does not prosper as it should, you wouldn’t be able to cover the costs of advertising, which may eat up $300-400 as well in a day.

Also, these advertisements are not return oriented. You cannot hope for a lower cost in case lower traffic turns towards your website. They keep on draining your resources, immaterial of your business’ success.

The course tells you how to convert your potential customers into reality by collecting their email addresses and then sending them advertisements which when clicked upon, take you to a page of the website.

But the reliance on paid traffic reduces the efficiency of the model. It becomes a sort of gamble, as you have to convert some of the people advertised to, into your customers otherwise all that advertising money goes to dust. It is a sort of gamble and a pretty heavy and dangerous one as well.

So the conversion of customers into sales is a difficult task in itself, and you need to keep on doing this regularly if you have to keep your business productive and profitable. The Facebook advertisements fluctuate a lot. They are not always reliable in terms of their performance. Sometimes, they may do wonders for your business, while you would be left looking for pennies the next day. This sort of model is never reliable and the profit you make may keep on cancelling out itself with the loss you bear the next day. There is no way you can do business in such a situation.

Final Words

Affiliate marketing is the new way of promoting your product, and it has taken the market by storm. It has revolutionized the way you look at promoting since physical advertisements through mass media and newspapers as well as billboards are now a thing of the past. There was a time when these were the prime promotion tools, but times are changing now. It’s still not the time to completely rely on these sources since the performance of these types of marketing are still not up to the mark where it can handle full-on dependency. The fluctuations are a pain and may make you a king and a beggar the next day.

As we talk about AWOL, the affiliate marketing strategy is still something which does more harm to their sales pitch than benefitting them, since a prime institution never believes in such an aggressive marketing technique to lure the students in.