Digital Oilfield Construction is a smart oilfield technology developed on the basis of oilfield construction. The digital oilfield is an oilfield research object, combining computer and network informationization, and high-level data of oilfield production and management. Integration, in order to support the in-depth needs of key businesses such as oilfield exploration and development, from the overall decision-making analysis of oilfield operation management, further explore the potential value of each link, and create a good information support environment for the sustainable development of oilfield enterprises.

The relationship between smart oilfields and digital oilfields can be simply understood as the fact that smart oilfields are digital oilfields. Smart oilfields are the advanced form of digital oilfield development and the result of the transformation of digital oilfields from quantitative to qualitative.

The biggest difference between the two is that the digital oil field focuses on the collection, uploading and backup of various production and management data in the oil field, while the smart oil field is more focused on the various production and management data collected through the integration of human wisdom. Carry out sorting analysis and in-depth application to provide scientific, intelligent, real-time and efficient auxiliary decision support means for production management and management.

Digital Oilfield is an open and comprehensive application platform. It can flexibly and conveniently design specific application according to the production and management needs of the oilfield. The following is a brief introduction of several typical business application systems. 

(1) The basic geographic information system 
provides digital oilfield graphics and attribute information input and output functions, forms a distributed spatial data bank, provides distributed spatial data integrity control technology, directory service technology, virtual reality technology, WebGIS technology, multimedia technology, Interactive 3D visualization, navigation technology, etc., to provide a variety of services based on geographic graphics to the entire enterprise. 

(2) Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Information System 
The system aims at comprehensive computerization of exploration and deployment, project research, data processing and interpretation, oil and gas resource evaluation and reserve calculation, and realizes earthquake, logging, logging, oil testing, test mining, etc. Data collection, processing and interpretation integration, to achieve enterprise-wide information sharing. The system mainly focuses on exploration planning and deployment, basin evaluation, trap evaluation and reservoir evaluation technology, and divides petroleum geology, hydrogeology, geophysical exploration, logging, logging, oil testing, test mining and other different professions to establish different application software and information. The management platform ends with the submission of oil and gas reserves and the establishment of a reserve management information system. 

(3) Reservoir description information system 
Reservoir description system includes reservoir description, reservoir development analysis digital analysis decision, oilfield development index calculation and prediction, reservoir numerical simulation data management, oilfield development graphics, chart generation drawing, editing, output , 3D visualization of reservoir parameters and other functions.

(4) Oil and gas ground construction information system 
The information construction and software development of the oilfield ground engineering industry are mainly used in the field of optimization design of oilfield ground engineering construction planning, computer aided design, computer automatic control, and oil, gas, water and light. Hydrocarbon metering technology, crude oil, sewage and water injection treatment technologies, etc., mainly include engineering exploration, oilfield planning and design, engineering construction, and primary oil and gas processing. 

(5) Oil and gas development information system
Oil and gas field development is one of the core areas of the petroleum industry. Its informationization and software work is to improve and establish a complete network system for the collection, processing and production of oil and gas fields, geology, monitoring, operation, technology, and transportation. Scientific calculations are carried out to optimize the development plan to realize the integration of oilfield development geology, oil recovery technology, production logging, tertiary oil production and feasibility study information query and application. 

(6) Drilling Information System 
Drilling engineering focuses on the enterprise’s drilling production management and comprehensive management of drilling equipment and tools, collecting and processing various information in the drilling process, realizing the network and automation of calculation, drilling technology research and engineering design, different geology Conditions for the technical research of drilling impact, cementing quality technology research and drilling cost control to develop information and software development, thereby improving the level and efficiency of drilling production, technology and operation. It mainly involves four majors: drilling geology, drilling engineering, drilling management and cementing engineering.

(7) Petrochemical Information System 
The informationization and software of the petrochemical discipline mainly focus on production process control, production management, and operation management, mainly including production management, storage and transportation management, process engineering calculation, and design and production equipment inspection and control. Parts. The system includes production monitoring, data reforming, material balance, oil blending, crude oil storage and transportation, and process engineering calculations and analysis. 

(8) Material Management Information System 
The main task of material management is to establish a shared information database for material supply and marketing, and implement computerization in terms of material planning, procurement, inventory, supply, quality, price, settlement and market information, and fully realize enterprise logistics. Orderly, improve work efficiency, realize resource information sharing, and accelerate capital turnover. 

(9) Storage and transportation sales information system. 
The system realizes: control and management of crude oil storage and transportation process, and realizes the price, inventory and sales contract of oil products and au pair products. , network information management of sales business, realize enterprise network sales, analysis and forecast of oil products market at home and abroad. 

(10) Real estate property management system The 
real estate property management mainly tries to establish the housing, community, maintenance and repair service management, and realize the network management of enterprise housing information.

(11) With the support of the system, the auxiliary decision support system 
can plan the project ahead of time in the stages of exploration, construction, construction and development, so that many deployment plans and development plans are still in the site selection, line selection and operation. Reasonable, reduce risks and improve efficiency. 

(12) Oilfield Habitat Environment Planning Management Information System 
Due to the large scale of the oilfield, large coverage area, scattered construction, and the time-cycle of oilfield development, the oilfield must conduct oil and gas exploration while paying attention to the planning and management of the human settlements in the oilfield. Good oil area habitat.

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