Are you struggling to get deserving engagements for your blogs? Blogging campaigns, with textual content alone, is no longer enough. In all probability, your blogs are failing to pull their weight as they lack graphic content or visuals. Well, much as you’d like to believe in the power of your words as a blogger, the truth is that visual communication can make a stronger impact on your target audience.

This is why successful digital marketers are enhancing their content with rich media, such as visuals, to attract better engagements. They are resorting to new and better methods of presenting well-written content to help readers like and consume what they publish. This, in turn, is increasing their chances of gaining valuable reader response and ensuring the comeback of their target audience for more.

Importance of Visual Content in Blogs and Content Marketing

Blogging campaigns are here to stay as the profitable core of digital marketing strategies. Well-established companies, startups, SMEs, and entrepreneurs worldwide have understood the importance of blogs for reaching out to their prospective customers. The expertise of professional content writers and their blogging skills are being hired for building smart narratives to send any message across. While the right use of words comes in handy in building up the flow of what’s to be communicated, visual elements make the content more compelling and engaging. This is what the audience demands and waits to read, or see.

Weave in Visuals with Words

These days, it’s not enough to be a whiz with words alone, you have to weave in the right visuals to take care of shrinking attention spans in today’s dynamic age of blogging. The idea is to create content that can be easily skimmed and digested. Luke Thatcher from says that blog articles need to have good graphic content to keep readers interested throughout the article. Visuals can break up the textual matter to highlight the important takeaways for your readers. They’ll find it easier to understand all underlying messages while scanning through the content. The main role played by interspersed visuals lies in making the content more readable and appealing – without subjecting your readers to long and daunting monologue-type content that can take them away.

Visual Information Works Better than Text-only Information

As per expert bloggers, adding the right content is a lot about knowing what would appeal to their readers. Remember, most people prefer learning through visuals as they find it easy to comprehend, and retain, the information passed to them in the form of graphical content. Interestingly enough, as per digital marketing companies, long visually-appealing blog posts are outperforming crisp knowledge-based articles in all conceivable ways. Be it in terms of search rankings, engagements, or traffic, blog posts having about 3000 words or more are being lapped up by readers like never before. Given this, you cannot expect these high-performing blogs to succeed with mere chunks of text; they have to be spiced up with stories and visuals to create the right impact.

Image SEO for Boosting Engagements

Digital marketing data is consistently proving the importance of visuals in boosting engagements. Image SEO is becoming a credible and useful source for getting better returns from marketing campaigns. This is because Google pays a lot of attention to the images and other visual components present in your content. It is possible to optimize the image with alt text and SEO-friendly captions. Well-optimized images, with the appropriate format and size, will not affect the loading speed of your blog or page. In fact, visual content will impact all areas of your content marketing strategy, including social media, positively.

Type of Visuals to Use in Blogs

Typically, most bloggers prefer using JPG files for their photographs and screenshots. In addition, PNG files come in handy for images with high resolutions and advanced detailing. More often than not, JPGs serve to be a better bet in comparison to PNGs for web -publishing. While posting blogs with graphic content, you may want to size your images to a width of 1500 and 2500 and keep them less than 1 MB if possible.

Visuals and Social Media Posts

Are you waiting to promote your blogs on different social media platforms? As per experts in the field of digital and social media marketing, visuals can make your life easier by pulling in more engagements. Overall, it’s a good idea to enhance your blogging and content creation efforts by embedding a visual after every 400 words or so.

It’s indeed time to produce smartly-organized visual content that can stop your readers from scrolling. Your headlines, bulleted lists, subheadings, and other formatted text, will help in breaking the monotony of textual content further – go for visuals – your words need them.