User experience has become the business buzzword today. In fact, it is impossible to survive and grow unless your website offers an optimal user experience. UX refers to the ease with which a user can understand, navigate and use a website. Better UX translates into higher chances of conversion. Moreover, it helps you to connect with the customers and build stronger relationships. This is the reason why you must ensure a good UX for your site. So what are the elements that make a great one for any website? Let us list them for you.

Key Elements Of A Good User Experience Design


Usability comes on the top of the list. Ask a few questions to understand whether your site is delivering a usable UX. Is it easy to navigate? Can the users easily find the relevant information on the website? Are the contact forms simple and easy to fill? Remember that you need to make things easy for the users or they will bounce away from the site.


Usefulness is different from usability. While usability defines the ease of use, usefulness refers to the value that your site offers. Does it provide the information they need? Is the content serving value to them? Are there elements like images and videos? Get the basics right and you will be able to deliver a winning experience.


Responsiveness refers to the ability of your website to render seamlessly across a variety of devices. According to IntoClicks, an Anchorage web designer, this is one of the most critical elements of UX. If your website does not load and run properly on mobile devices, you will lose your customers. Moreover, Google does not prefer websites that are not responsive.


Being easy to search and find is another essential requirement for a good website. You need to invest in SEO so that users can easily find your website. Being on top of search rankings is important in this context. Also, think of a domain name that is easy to remember. If you can spend more, invest in a PPC campaign for enhancing your online visibility.


Appearing in top searches is just one part of the picture. You also need to appear credible and trustworthy. Local SEO helps as it enables the user to find your location on Google Maps. Invest in good design and layout to add credibility. Having reviews and testimonials of real customers also helps in creating a great UX. Think like a customer and you will understand what they really want.


The overall look of your website should be appealing and desirable if you want it to have a great UX. Choose a good theme with colors that match your brand image. Simplicity is important because simple websites are easy to use and understand. Do not clutter the site with too many elements. Proper placement of text and images also helps.

Now that you understand all the key elements of a good UX, designing your website will be easier. UX is like an investment for your business because it wins you more customers. So you must make sure that it is nothing but the best!