TUTUApp is a most popular third party app store which provides apps and games for android and iOS devices. You can still get paid apps for free on TUTUApp store.

Sometime official playstore doesn’t have that app you want to download but vShare is a one of the best platform, it has every apps you want to available and also to free to download. This is the best alternative of play store because they also have paid apps which are free for all the users.

TUTUApp store gives good quality features and benefits to all users. If the users use iOS or iphone they doesn’t need jailbreak to install the apps because like vShare app store you can download any apps you have without having jailbreak.

TUTUApp works well with android devices that do not have root access. The only bad thing about it is that the app store is in Chinese and you will need to use Google translate to know what the in app instructions mean.

Why TUTUApp?


TUTUApp is one of the best Google play store alternatives. Let us see all the major key, TUTUApp is better than the official Google play store, the list of 5 Reasons to Use TUTUApp over Google Play Store is given below.

  1. Free Apps: All the apps in the TUTUApp app store are available for free. You can buy any apps and as many apps you want without having to spend any money to download and use them.
  2. Free Music: You can also get free music from the TUTUApp app store. TUTUApp has a huge collection of all the new songs which all the TUTUApp users can download on their devices for free.
  3. Modified Apps: TUTUApp provides slightly modified versions of almost all the popular apps which make them a lot more fun to use and give the apps some added functions which we do not get in the original apps
  4. APK Download: The apps that you download from TUTUApp app store come as APKs which you can use to install the app on other devices as well. You can also save the downloaded APK and install the app anytime later.
  5. Faster Updates: TUTUApp provides fast updates of all the apps , even before it is available on the official Google play store.


TuTuApp Features:

  1. First and foremost, with TuTuApp you can buy any number of paid apps and games like Pokemon Go that are available on the official Google play store.
  2. Most of the good apps in the app store are paid and you have to pay real money to download them but with TuTuApp app you can download them for free.
  3. TuTuApp app has a cleaning featured which can be compared to clean master app which clears the ram and boosts your smart phone so it can run smoothly.
  4. After installing TuTuApp on your device, you will not need any file manager too. It app also lets you manage your files and transfer data from your device to any flash storage and vice versa.
  5. You also get a toolbox with TuTuApp to manage wifi, bluetooth, etc.


Download TUTUApp VIP for Android


Download Here

  1. First open device settings and tap on the Security option and mark the option to install apps from “unknown sources”.
  2. Download APK Installer file
  3. Locate the downloaded apk on your device, Open the APK and tap on “Install”.
  4. TUTUApp will be automatically installed on your android smart phone.
  5. Open the app and grant all the necessary permissions to the app and use Google translate to understand the in all instructions.


Download TUTUApp VIP for iOS

*Scan barcode to download the app*

  1. Open this webpage on Safari browser if you are not currently using Safari because other apps resist the download process.
  2. Use our download links below to download the TUTUApp VIP iOS application. You might see an error message for language problem; just tap on centre button in that case.
  3. Tap on install option when you see the install dialogue.
  4. After the app is installed, Go to the device Settings and navigate to General settings > Profiles > TUTUApp VIP and tap on “trust the application”.
  5. You can now use iOS app to run all paid applications on your iOS device.
  6. Enjoy free apps!

Thank you for downloading the TutuApp for android/iOS using our provided links, do not download it from untrusted sources as it can harm your device. Please comment below if you want any assistance in the installation process, we will be happy to help you.