Parenting, nowadays, is more complex than it was a few years back thanks to the prevalence of mobile phones and internet. Our teens seem dedicated to their smartphones more than anything else. This increases their risks of becoming victimized by the predators, bullies, scoundrels, catfishers, sex offenders, pedophiles, and online criminals. The more they remain online, the more their odds are of facing the evils of the digital world.

Fortunately, there are software and applications intended for the parents to safeguard their kids from the dangers of the online world. The digital parental control apps allow parents to track the cell phone activities of their kids to make sure they take a tour of the digital world safely. However, choosing a reliable and efficient parental control app to keep kids under surveillance can be problematic for parents because of the availability of innumerable parenting control apps. To help you get the best digital parenting apps, we have rounded up here a few top-notch cell phone monitoring and spy apps that give great control to parents over their kids’ digital lives.

TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App

TheOneSpy is one of the most trusted cell phone monitoring apps intended for parents to keep tabs on the online and offline activities of their kids in real-time. It is compatible with cell phones and tablets running Android versions 3 to 7.1. The multi-platform parenting app allows parents to spy on inward and outward text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages of their kids. The phone calls received and made from the Android phones get automatically recorded and uploaded to the online account of the spy app from where parents can listen and download each call.

Moreover, the spy app lets you monitor social media apps installed on your kid’s Android phone including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Tinder, Kik, Telegram, IMO, Viber and Yahoo Messenger. The other online accounts of kids can be tracked getting access to the mobile phone keylogs. The internet browsing details of your kids keep you updated about their interests and internet use.

As well as online activities, the Android spy app lets you monitor the offline activities of your kids. The bugging feature of the app lets you listen to the voices and monitor the happenings in the vicinity of the target Android phone remotely turning on the microphone and cameras of kid’s device. The GPS location tracker lets you find the current and previous whereabouts of your kids to keep an eye on them remaining away.

That is not all. The spy app offers a wide range of features to monitor and control the Android phones of teens and tweens. You can subscribe the app in a nominal package price varying with subscription time period and selected features.

Net Nanny Parental Control App

Net Nanny is an award-winning parental control solution that has been used by many parents across the world. The app is more about supervising and controlling the internet use of kids to make the internet invulnerable for them. Net Nanny acts as a web browser for kids to keep them from the adult and objectionable stuff prevailing on the internet. It blocks access to age-inappropriate websites and hides objectionable language, photos, and other stuff.

The Android parental control app lets you manage the other cell phone spy applications installed on your kid’s phone. You can block unwanted apps and restrict the installation of new apps without your approval. More advantageously, the parental control app lets you set time limits for the use of cell phones and the internet on the targeted Android phones.

MMGuardian Android Monitoring App

MMGuardian is a perfect combo of parental control and spy application as it allows parents to remotely monitor the conversations and mobile phone use of kids and also allows controlling this use. Once you get your kid’s Android phone installed with the monitoring app, you can read his messages without taking that phone in possession. Also, the app lets you block messages from unwanted contacts. The detail of the phone calls received and made from the target Android phone can also be tracked and incoming calls from unknown numbers can be blocked. The location tracker shows you the exact location of the targeted Android phone as well as providing detail of the previous trips. Moreover, you can get access to the internet browsing history on your kid’s phone and block access to unwanted or objectionable websites. Also, the app lets you block unwanted mobile apps and lock or unlock the phone remotely.

Hope this selection would be helpful in choosing the best digital parenting app to track the Android phone of your kids.