Aptoide is a 3rd-party app store which provides apps for Android, iOS & PC. Aptoide Market is one of the most popular third-party app stores right now and the popularity of this app store is growing day by day. That allows you to download paid apps and games for completely free on your android device that is best for all time.

Aptoide Apk for android is 100% secure and best collection of apps and it does not contain any harmful threats while you downloading and installing any apk on your Android device. It does not take much time and it is well user interface design you need to just click on download and apk file will be started downloading.

Aptoide App Store for Android, iOS: Download the Best Free Android Games and Apps

Aptoide App Store is similar to like Google play store. And it’s an open source store there are millions of free or paid apps are available to download. Well if you need to download paid apps for free then I will suggest you download Aptoide App Store on your Android device and make sure you can get all new games and apps. so lets I will give your Aptoide apk file to download on your android device. And well also to Aptoide for iOS and PC available check out below guide.

Aptoide App Store for Android, iOS: Download the Best Free Android Games and Apps

Features of Aptoide Apk

  1. Aptoide app is a user-friendly file where hundreds of apps are available.
  2. Now get Aptoide free download
  3. Paid apps in Google Play Store are available here for free.
  4. You do not require any download or sign up just register it and instantly download the apps.
  5. Here you will find a unique search box to search pretty excellent apps.
  6. Now app is amazing because it contains more than 64000 apps for completely free of cost.
  7. Now, the feature is that this app is easily compatible with your Smartphone or your tablet.
  8. They are also available in multiple languages and millions of people download the Aptoide Apk file.
  9. It also helps you to search any tools or apps in this Aptoide store.
  10. The app is safe and secure from any viruses or malware.


Download and Install Aptoide Apk on Android

Download and Install Aptoide Apk

Simply follow the Steps and download Aptoide Apk.

Step1: First off, Download Aptoide Apk here

Step 2: After Find out downloaded Aptoide APK file on file manager on your device.

Step3: Now click on the App to start the installation process.

Step4: Now message to which asks you to grant the permission and click on the button if you agree.

Step5: Tab on the OK button.

Step6: After it is done installing you will receive a confirmation message saying your Aptoide Apk has been installed.

Step 7: Done.

Download Aptoide For iOS

Many of the special feature downloads sometimes require you to jailbreak your phone. Which means you will be permanently changing the software of the phone which leads to loss of warranty. Aptoide can be downloaded without the need of jailbreak.

  • Search using safari – “Aptoide
  • This will direct you to the official website
  • There will be an option where you can download Aptoide for IOS
  • There will be an apk by the name of Aptoide apk
  • Add this application to your home screen
  • Not satisfied with the Aptoide app? Don’t worry! Check the Aptoide alternatives for Android & iOS article and download many paid apps for free.

How to Use Aptoide Apk

Step 1: Launch the Aptoide app on your android device.

Here you will find the most popular applications, as well as new interesting applications added to Aptoide.

How to Use Aptoide Apk

Swiping left will reveal all the tabs in Aptoide Store: “Home”, “Top”, “Categories”, “Updates”, and “Download manager”.

Step 2:  Use the search bar and enter your favorite app name to find out quick.

How to Use Aptoide Apk

Step 3: download the specific version of an application

You can also download different versions of applications from Aptoide Store. Should you choose to download an older version of the application currently on your device.

Step 4: Aptoide Store notifies you when there are updates available to your applications.

To download the updates, go to the “Updates” tab from the main page, and tap “Update all“:

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Hope you Aptoide App Store like and make sure it’s very amazing app available to enjoy every update in this app. That’s it.