Water or additional fluid materials are perilous to your iPhone’s health. Once moisture enters your device, it damages the organic parts and makes your phone ineffectual. But this doesn’t mean that your iPhone is completely dead. It still works but not adequately as it should.

The iPhone incorporates integrated liquid indicators that notify you if the device has been exposed to moisture or not. Apart from this, if you aren’t able to access the liquid indicators you can identify significant indications of water exposure. But do you know, only a few people know this trick? So here in this post, you will get to know about these tricks. So get ready to explore them.

Liquid contact indicator

Every iPhone has a liquid damage indicator. The indicator is typically installed inside or near the SIM card slot. So if you notice that the spot appears red in color, the iPhone is telling you that it has undergone liquid damage. If the spot is white or white with a design, there is no damage.

If your iPhone is getting hot frequently

Water-damaged lithium-ion batteries can become very hot. Although it’s incredibly rare, lithium-ion batteries can catch on fire when they’re damaged. However, if you feel that your device is heating up frequently, then be cautious and stop using it. Apart from this, visit your nearest repair store instantly.

Hardware failure

iPhone’s mic and speaker are pretty receptive to liquid damage. So when they fail to operate accurately, that’s regularly an indication of moisture in the device. Depending on how liquid entered your device, it may damage the above-mentioned components. Pete Turley of Bulldog Mobile Repair explains that iPhones become less water resistant over time. So remember that once if your device has gone through water damage, it may won’t survive the second one. And possibly if it survives, there are possibilities that it will begin to overheat and may appear too hot even to touch. Overheating is another obvious indication of water damage that may ultimately lead to the phone shutting off with or without notification. In case you notice such, the trick here is to power off the device quickly.

You may get warning notifications

When trying to attach the device to your charger or computer, you might get failures like charging not supported with this accessory, or it might not sync at all. These are the clear signs that the device has gone through water damage or some internal parts are damaged. Thanks to the manufacturers for warning information – at least your iPhone won’t leave you in the dark when damaged! So, it’s better to unplug that device, switch it off, and go to the nearest repair service in your city.

These are the indications through which you can tell whether an iPhone has gone water damage or not. For your safety, if you see such signs, then it is recommended to switch off the device and avoid using it until perfectly repaired.