With the increasing competition, everything is changing day by day, and the same goes for SEO. Today, SEO is one of the most agile and the youngest disciplines out there in the market. Studies have stated that what SEO used to be a few years ago, is not right now, it has modified and drastically improved. Indeed, there are some of the SEO principles that haven’t changed, such as content, backlinks, keywords, etc.

With the origin of new technologies and trends in SEO, everyone wants to acquire them to grow their business successfully. So let’s take a glance at the 2020 SEO trends.

Voice search

The growth of the virtual assistant has evolved with the growth of voice search. This is persisting to be a huge trend in 2020 and it will definitely affect SEO. How? Since evolving technology has made everything simple and fun today, you don’t even need to type the keywords that you want to search for. You just have to command or speak and the search results will appear. This is how it works and will make a huge difference.

The video will become essential for your SEO tactics

Video marketing will remain to be one of the fundamental trends for 2020. In a survey report, it was found that the average online video consumption per person continues to climb firmly. Apart from this, people accepted that viewing videos served them to discover more regarding a product or service. Therefore, including videos into your SEO strategy is an excellent method to develop brand engagement. Some of the tips to heighten your SEO with video are as follows:

  • Utilize an appealing thumbnail picture to convince personalities to click on the link and see your video.
  • Upload your video to various social media platforms.
  • Add proper titles and incorporate a copy to each video you produce.

Think mobile-first for Google’s mobile-first index

Mobile is one of the important things to go with when promoting your website. Since the quantity of mobile users is barely continuing to rise in the future, Google suggests everyone builds websites that are conscious and offer high-quality loading on each portable device.

Apart from this, it is extremely important to generate regular content across all the social media platforms, from mobile to desktop. For example, coders here https://www.positivemediamarketing.com/website-design-in-rock-hill-sc/, design websites, that are mobile responsive and works with desktop as well. When Google states that it endorses mobile-first indexing, it does not say that it will not drag your desktop version. It’s just that when Google concludes that you have a mobile-friendly website up and running (which it recommends), it favors showing your website higher than the websites that are not mobile-friendly.

As mentioned above SEO is one of the youngest and the most exciting industries to be in.

From the past years to now, those who have adapted the trends are seen to be growing more faster than their opponents. So if you too want to grow your business immensely then quickly adopt these 2020 trends and grow your business.