Recently, many seo novice friends have mentioned the concept of website backlinks, and the role of backlinks is quite intense. It is a good thing to argue that everyone is thinking hard and have their own opinions. So what exactly is the backlink? In this article, the author elaborates on the meaning, function, method, and query of backlinks.

What does backlink mean?

As the name implies, a backlink is a reverse link. For example, if document B has a link to document A, then the link is a backlink for document A.

There is a disagreement here, that is , the relationship between backlinks and outer links . Traditionally, backlinks refer to links to other pages outside the page; outer links refer to links to other sites outside the site (domain name).

The keyword ranking is based only on the page (of course, the page inherits the main domain name to a certain extent, which is the overall weight of the website). The author believes that the back link and the outer chain can be discussed as a meaning, because in terms of the target page, other The link to the page can be considered as an external link regardless of whether the domain name is the same or not.

In addition, it should also be noted here that friendship links are also considered in the context of backlinks. If you are looking for a wordpress seo monitoring plugin then check here 

Second, the role of backlinks

For the role of backlinks, the author believes that there is no need to explain too much, because the answer is very clear, for example, is conducive to page inclusion , keyword ranking and so on.

Third, the way of backlinks

Formally, backlinks can be divided into URL links and anchor text links. The difference is that the text in the A tag is different. The former uses the URL and the latter uses the keyword text.

Different forms have different roles. If you want to promote the URL, you can directly link to the URL. If you want to improve the ranking of the target keyword, it is recommended to use the anchor text link.

Fourth, how to do backlinks

In fact, for the role of backlinks, everyone basically agrees, the key issue is how to do backlinks. Some people think that traditional practices still fail, and some believe that traditional practices are still useful.

The author believes that traditional practices such as blogs, forums, etc. have a role to do with links, but their main role is to attract spiders to crawl URLs rather than keyword rankings. As for the backlinks that are good for improving keyword rankings, the author thinks that there are several links such as friendship links, single links, news source links, and other websites’ self-forwarding links.

  1. Friendship link. Take the initiative to find industry, data-related websites, request exchange links, and more.
  2. Single chain. There are two main ways for a single chain. One is to find a friend to help with the single chain, and the other is to buy a link. Need to pay attention to the purchase link is risky, must pay attention to the quantity and quality, the number of purchases can not be increased, and there is a link to buy a regular website.
  3. News source link. Paid to publish a press release with a link in the content of the press release.
  4. Other links. For example, by writing a soft article, the article has a link, and other webmasters agree with the article’s point of view and forward it. Such a link is also a very good link.

Five, how to query backlinks

Under normal circumstances, use the domain command on the line, but this command is found to be a pure URL or a URL link, can not find the anchor text link. You can use some other tools to query.

Few practical ways of getting backlinks

Backlinks means that external websites have your website pointing to your website.
Method 1. Submit the website to the DMOZ directory, yahoo directory, ODP directory, some professional directory websites;

Method 2, contact industry associations or commercial organizations. The link weights of these non-profit websites are generally high, so the link exchange with these websites is also a very good means;

method 3, release press release, reasonable hyperlink in the press release, when this news After being reprinted by many websites, you can help you add a lot of backlinks to your website ;

Method 4, add your hyperlink to the forum signature. Frequently mix forums, post posts, resources should be used well;
method 5, create blogs, enrich blog content, reasonably add hyperlinks to your website in the blog;
method 6, search engine search “submit website, add Related keywords such as url” . In the searched webpage, you can add backlinks to your website ;

Method 7, add self-help link application function to yourself, and attract other websites to actively link with you;

Method 8, leave comments on other people’s blogs, try to be as daily as possible Do this, but don’t leave a spam comment. Even some blogs leave comments to get backlinks;

Method 9, to see what content is the fastest. Check out the Baidu Chinese Search Billboard and find recent search hot keywords. If your article appears on the top page of popular keyword search results, there will be a lot of traffic.

Method 10, buy backlinks, many webmasters have a very large number of resources, you can buy backlinks to them.

Backlinks can increase traffic to your site and give you an inquiry to increase your volume.