Here, these tutorials for How to turn on Verizon WIFI Calling on Iphone and other apple and Verizon just delivered an update that allows users to turn on Verizon Wifi calling on the iPhone.

Now Verizon WIFI calling iphone are make calls and receive calls on WIFI so that you don’t miss out when you are poor coverage and I explain to Verizon WIFI Calling and how to setup on your Iphone running OS see below guide.

Verizon WIFI Calling

Here, first to you set up Verizon WIFI Calling on iphone you can make calls over Wi-Fi and like when you are in a building with poor signal strength, which allows you to stay connected. Unlike FaceTime Audio, you can use WiFi calling to reach any phone number on any carrier or device and even home phones that is best features of Verizon Wifi calling on Iphone.

Now No additional charge to use Verizon WiFi calling and simply uses your existing phone plans to make the call and other major benefits is that you can call U.S numbers free of charge that Is best and massive features for Verizon Wifi calling.

Verizon WIFI Calling

Here you monthly Verizon plan as pre-paid plans do not support wifi calling on Verizon at this time and use this Iphone and you will need turn on advance calling on your Iphone and require you login your account or to call Verizon to add Advance calling.

How to Turn on Verizon WiFi calling on iPhone

Now you can set up Verizon WiFi calling on iPhone without going to a Verizon Store or without calling to change your plan if you already have HD Voice enabled. Sometimes HD Voice is also known as Advanced Calling 1.0 and follows below steps to Set up Verizon wifi calling on Iphone.

Verizon WIFI Calling

Step 1: Login into Verizon Account.

Step 2: After Clicking on Manage My Account.

Step 3: After Then on change Features.

Step 4: Click on Add Advanced Calling.

Step 5: Tap on Setting App on your Iphone home screen.

Verizon WIFI Calling

Step 6: After Tap on Iphone in Setting Menu.

Step 7: Tap on WI-FI calling.

Step 8: Setup Emergency Address and confirm that you understand.

Step 9: Toggle WI-FI Calling on and phone to on.

Step 10: Read POP-up Warning and if you agree tap on enable.

How to Turn off Verizon WiFi calling on iPhone

Verizon WIFI Calling

Now you stop using Verizon Wi-Fi Calling on iPhone and you follow below steps.

Step 1: Go to the Home Screen.

Step 2: Tap Settings.

Step 3: Tap Phone.

Step 4: Tap WI-Fi Calling.

Step 5: Tap or slide Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone switch to OFF.

Step 6: Now successfully turned off Wi-Fi Calling on your iPhone.

Why can’t I make or receive Wi-Fi calls?

Verizon WIFI Calling

Now you are unable to make or receive Wi-Fi calls so you see below reasons.

  1. You have not upgraded to the latest system update available to your device.
  2. You are not eligible to use Wi-Fi Calling and you check eligibility.
  3. You have not set up an emergency
  4. Now Wi-Fi Calling setting is turned off in your device Settings.
  5. Wi-Fi Calling is blocked on your line.
  6. You not have a Wi-Fi network connection.

Now Allow Voice Calls over the Internet Verizon must allow 911 calls and include an address and 911 will get if you call 911 over WiFi and are unable to provide an address to the operator and does not change your billing address that is best all time for this Verizon WiFi calling on Iphone.

Now follow this Guide for How to Turn on Verizon WiFi calling on iPhone and after read this guide very helpful for you.