If you want to fix your Galaxy S7 Battery Drain Issue then follow these simplest solutions, and easy to improve your Samsung S7 battery life.

Most of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have used up a lot on their loved gadget. Many of them have criticized about a fast draining battery. After the latest updates, this problem has gather impetus and more and more Samsung S7 and S7 Edge users have started complaining about it.

Somebody told me that when he stay his Always ON feature OFF and keeping the Wi-Fi ON and goes to sleep and when he wake up he observe that not less than 20% of s7 battery has been drained overnight. Now this is really infuriating for sure for someone who has used up a lot on these gadgets. I have also notice that this problem is common with the Snapdragon version of these two smart phones.

 But now you need not to worry about; it as I am going away to suggest you the just right solutions for this problem. I am almost sure that you will be receiving more battery if one of the problems refers to below is hurting your precious gadget. So don’t wait just go through the solutions. how to improve Samsung Galaxy S7 battery life.

How to Fix the Battery Draining Problem of Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

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Know the Perpetrators

First, you need to know that which apps or services are taking the larger chunk away from your battery. You can check that in the settings where there is an option to see which app or service is draining your battery fast. You can also download the GSam Battery Monitor app from HERE which will let you know in gain the amount of battery eaten out by the apps, system, most important part and more. Turn off those apps which are consumption more battery even when they are not at work.

Turn off Briefing

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge as an exclusive feature called Briefing. It lets you do everything at one place by curetting all the info from many sources. This may boom user-friendly but actually, it is a pain using it and also it affects your battery life a lot. So better we turn off this feature and increase the battery life. This is how you can turn-off Briefing.

  1. Long press on the blank spot on the home screen
  2. Swipe over to left which will get you to Briefing.
  3. Tap on Turn it off


Turn off Anonymous Reports from Google

This is a secret feature of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge which you would not have set up it ever if you have not read this article. Follow the following steps to turn off the unknown reports from Google because it eats up your battery.

  1. Go to Settings and tap on “Language and Input”.
  2. Under the Speech tab, you will see “Text to Speech Options” tap on it.
  3. Here you will get the “Google Text to Speech Options”, tap on it and turn off the anonymous reports option.

Turn off all the radio communications

We have a routine processes to habit and a bad one too, that we keep all ON. It is not necessary to keep features on even when you are not in need of it. Things like Mobile net, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, Location Services etc. If you are not in need of any of these services at a exacting time then just turn it off. This will only increase your battery life.

Use the battery saving features provided by Samsung

Although meaningful to provided that so many features it will only harm the battery life of its gadget Samsung keeps on count them. But at the similar time, it has also given us two ways to save the battery and these ways might help to drain the battery at least in Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. When you tap on Battery check you will see two modes. One is the “Power Saving Mode” and the other is “Ultra Power Saving Mode” choose one which greatest suits you and that will help you to save some battery life.

Reduce tethering

Allocation your mobile connection from your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with your friends via the new Wi-Fi sharing feature sound pretty cool but believe me, it drains your battery to the fullest. So it is sensible to share your Wi-Fi sharing feature only when your friend or someone else is really in need of some data use, else just don’t do it for charity. More you reduce tethering more the battery will survive.

Disable Background Data always

More the superior phone like Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge is more it takes up the background data and that is a worldwide truth. Yes, the background data absolutely help your phone to boost the performance and your user experience but it drains abundance from your battery life. If that is the case then why not disabling your background data when you think your phone will stay idle for a while? Just follow this path and put out of action your background data and feel happy.

Go to Settings → Data Usage → Background Data. Now turn off the option and you will get less battery consumption on your Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Manage Battery charge cycle every month

Just like any other Android Smartphone Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge too needs a totally full charge phase every month. This means to charge your battery to the full, i.e. 100% and then using it completely or in other words to 0% and then charging it again to 100%. This will make sure that you get exact battery usage and it will maintain your battery well too.

Use black wallpaper and disable notifications

You may not discover the black wallpaper in the default wallpapers provided by Samsung but it is always good to have black wallpaper and that will save a bit of your battery life as well. Better to make your own black wallpaper and save it to your gallery and then use it. You can also disable some of the notifications of certain apps. Always ringing and flashing notifications will also eat out the battery. So just stop those unwanted notifications at once.

Factory Reset

Before using this choice as a last option just switch off and switch on your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge once as sometimes the restarting of the device can also solve the problem. But even that is not enough or neither of the above solutions is working then Factory Reset is the final option. DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE BACKUP before you resort to the Factory Reset option or you may also follow this path to do the factory reset along with backing up the data.

  • Go to Settings → Personal → Backup and Reset

So, these were the best probable solutions for your fast draining battery on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.