In the afternoon, I knew a private letter from me and asked me “I am a sophomore accounting major. I want to make an app” and ask me what to do. This question is actually asked by many people, but no one has come up to answer. Although there are many such answers on the Internet, most of them are advertisements. I am writing today according to my own project experience, from idea to practice, how to develop a App, I hope to help those who are the beginners of the app.

To do an App is generally divided into six steps, the first is to have ideas, the second is to organize product requirements, form product documentation, the third is to design product models, the fourth step: interface design, material design, etc., the fifth is recruitment Developers carry out development, or outsourcing, and the sixth is on-line operation promotion. Below I explain separately, what to do in each step.

Many people see that other people’s apps are doing so well, and they are doing very well. They also think about making an app. For example, some people want to make a green food app, some people want to do sports apps, some People want to be a fishing app, the idea is that everyone will have it, and it is very strange, but many people’s ideas are imperfect, many people’s ideas are one-sided and not systematic, and some people are hot for a while. Immature, so if I want to make an idea into an App, I must first ask myself if I really want to do this app. Isn’t this app not going to sleep, how big is the determination to make an app? Only with a particularly strong determination and conviction, this app is likely to be made, because everyone does not know that there are many unimaginable difficulties in making an app.

After you have made up your mind, it will be motivated to do the App again. What you need to do is to improve your ideas. For example, if we want to make a green food app, we have to think about the name of the app, the type of the app, the group, and the function.

First, name, it is best to be different, with unique memory function, don’t name the industry, for example, you start a home appliance app, or a mall app, no one knows that company, because the name is too popular. To give the App a unique memory name, and when it is convenient for users to search, it is convenient to write, such as Jingdong, Tmall, etc., it is very convenient to write.

Secondly, it is the type of the app, whether it is a shopping type, a consulting type, a social type, or a tool type. This also needs to be clear. The type of the app will be related to the function of the app. There are product display, product purchase, payment and other functions. If it is a social type, there must be a user relationship and a user communication function, so the function should be clear.

Once again, it is for the crowd. We make an app and can’t say it to everyone, because it is equivalent to no direction. Just like a propositional essay and a propositional essay, there is a propositional essay that is better written. For the people facing, it is very clear that it should be subdivided. It can’t just be said to be a man or a woman. It is also necessary to make clear the specific attributes of the crowd. For example, what kind of occupation is the type of people facing my green food app, how much income, and food safety. People who are more concerned about the situation and have higher spending power for green foods are positioned as people after the age of 25, because after 25 years old, many people have certain economic strength. For green food, The consumption has started. Having said that, it means that the positioning of the crowd is very precise. Finally, is the function of the App, which is the approximate function? For example, the mall must have a user payment function, but also have a product display function, but also a user system, of course, do not need the user system, submit the address at any time, the reservation is also OK, this must also be clear.

Step 2: Organize product requirements into written

When your ideas are perfect, the first step about the App is perfect, and the second step begins, and that is written. People-to-people communication can’t just rely on ideas. Everyone’s understanding of the same sentence is different. For example, if you want to be an app, the technician thinks of writing code, and the product person thinks about the function. The app that the investor thinks can make money, it is worth not worthy of my investment, so people of different professions have different understandings of the same idea, so you have to organize your ideas into papers, which are organized into product documents. .

The product requirements document contains all your ideas, such as product name, product type, crowd positioning, product introduction, feature introduction, etc. The product requirements document is a written definition and interpretation of a product, a good product documentation that allows all The human brain fills in a model of the product. The description and description of the product documentation is as complete as possible. Just like you meet a beautiful girl, but you only say that she is very beautiful, many people can’t understand how beautiful, but if you By describing them in various written languages, you can imagine true beauty. When many famous novelists write beautiful girls, they will have a whole body, a far and near, and a detailed description, so that they can give people a sense of belonging, as well as product documentation.

The following is a case report of a news category App product that I searched through Baidu:

  1. Product background introduction
  2. Product introduction

2.1. Product development background reasons

2.2. Product information introduction

2.3. Product user targeting

2.4. Role in the product

2.4. Role in the product

  1. Product information structure chart
  2. Functional requirements

4.1. Manage account –

4.2. User Account

4.3. user settings

4.4. Personal center

4.5. Column function

4.6. Content addition function

4.7. Comment function

4.8. searching feature

4.9. Sharing function

4.10. Picture column

4.11. Supplementary explanation

  1. Introduction to non-functional requirements

5.1. Operating environment

5.2. Availability

5.3. Scalability

5.4. safety

5.5. interface

  1. Interaction logic

6.1. Client interface logic

6.2. Management background interface logic

This product documentation contains several modules, product background, product introduction, product structure, product features, logic functions, etc. Of course, this is not the most complete, the most complete will have more. We can document our ideas into specific requirements against the templates of these product documents. The benefit of this is to reduce our communication costs in later design and development. In particular, some of the functions before the development of the app did not think clearly, while doing the side-by-side change, the last product irritated the technology, the PK event occurred in the office, many times, we think of some small functions, for technology, you may have to write a Months, and even longer, once a function changes, it involves more technical changes and changes in technology. Many founders did not do these things in the early stage, which led to delays in the application time of the late App. Finally, the team was directly dragged to death. Therefore, the clear and complete product requirements document is very good for the later development of an App. of.

Step 3: Design the product model

Once the product documentation is organized, the product model must be designed. The product model is more intuitive and clear than the product documentation. The product model is a stereoscopic representation of the product. Just like we meet a beautiful beauty, the novelist can only describe it. It gives people imagination, and the artist’s picture is more three-dimensional, and the three-dimensional beauty is more intuitive and clear.

A high-quality product model contains all the pages, systems, and colors of the product. The design of the product model generally uses software such as Axure RP, Balsamiq Mockups, and Pencil Project. Among them, Axure RP uses more people. After the product model is designed, the preliminary work of such an app is basically completed.

The fourth step: interface design

After completing the product model design, the borrowed work is the interface total and material design. This requires an art designer to complete. Of course, it is best to recruit some experienced designers, because when I communicated with our designers, Suddenly, there are great differences between experienced and inexperienced designers. This is mainly due to the inexperienced designers who can only complete color matching and design, without considering the design background and industry characteristics, as well as innovation and use, so most of them The designed interface and materials are all hard, for example, a single-page design, colorful after design, not suitable for a single page. However, experienced designers will design more natural works according to their uses and scenes. For example, we have to design a green app. The design background is green, users like green food, and the use scene is also related to green. Therefore, it must be related to green in design. It cannot be said that the application of green food is a red or other festive color. It does not look like an app, or it can not be associated with green.

The ultimate goal of the design is to make a work and her users and scenes naturally blend together. The interface design is called UI design in terms of technical terms, so if you are recruiting designers, you can look at other companies. UI designers are asking for the designers they need.

Step 5: Recruiting technicians for app development

With the product model and product documentation, the following is the development of product documentation and models for technology development. There are several ways to develop an app:

The first one is the native mode development. According to the development of different systems, it is divided into android and ios versions. In the early days, we have developed windows phone version and Saipan version, but the current mainstream is android and ios versions, because windows phone and Saipan have already Game over.

The second development mode is a hybrid development mode, which is a combination of H5 and native. Some code is written on the local end to enhance interaction and improve user experience. Part of it is written in the form of a web page for easy modification. There are a lot of such hybrid development tools, technical friends, you can go online to search for your favorite tools to use.

The third mode is: light application mode, similar to H5 webpage and Baidu’s light application, which is more convenient, but the interaction and independence are very poor.

The fourth is: web page generation methods and template application, many websites provide web pages to directly generate App functions, and there are many outsourcing companies that do app development, do a set of templates, each time just change the name and style, it is an App. However, the fourth app is even worse, and the user experience is basically impossible. If you really want to be an app, it is not recommended for everyone to use.

There is also a final development model that is outsourced. This is the best way to find a reliable outsourcing company, because in the process of outsourcing, there are many problems, program bugs and architectural problems will bury the future development of the App, and the App’s online progress is not good, There are many problems in development. Many startup companies have almost failed to develop this hurdle, and they are already dead. Therefore, it is the first step to successfully develop an App.

Step 6: On-line operation promotion

After the development of the app is completed, the following things are the promotion and maintenance of the online operation. This is the second step of the App startup. The second step is to determine the important conditions for the success of an App entrepreneur. The current number of apps exceeds 3 million, but 90. % are unattended, and the remaining apps are only 10% noticed by users, so it is most important to promote the success of an App operation.

App operation promotion is currently very costly and competitive. This current industry status, but if your app is only interacting with hardware, it is a supplemental type of app, it does not matter. Currently, entertainment, social and other types of apps are already in the Red Sea. Entrepreneurs without large amounts of money are hard to succeed. .

I have collected and compiled an article about the “2015 latest domestic top ten application store advertising quotation form”, you can look at it, the specific way is to pay attention to the mobile Internet micro-signal: ydhlwdyq reply: 051, you can see. At present, the price of the application store for high-quality users is 20,000-100,000/day. If an app wants to get high-quality users in the app store, the monthly input cost is 600-300 million. Therefore, operation and promotion are the key to determining the future development of an app.

The final step is talent recruitment. All of the above are the process from the idea to the launch of the App online, all the processes need to be done by people. If you don’t understand yourself, you need to recruit talents yourself. How to recruit talents for specific talents, you can recruit talents through various channels, such as, BOSS direct recruitment and other Internet vertical industries.

Turning an idea into an app will encounter many unimaginable difficulties, not only the determination but also the connections and resources, and of course the most important thing is capital. Therefore, if you want to be an app, you must think about these points in the article, and at the same time clarify your responsibilities and build a reliable team to succeed. Of course, if you think about it and do it well, you It is a successful App project manager.