The development of apps for Android or iOS is always a big challenge for developers, regardless of their experience and professionalism. In addition, we might say that the concept of creating an app is not a solid concept of several rules and technologies and must be adopted by developers around the world. In fact, the whole process of APP development is a highly complex structure of different technical methods and decisions, ideas and concepts that programmers will use. In addition, we must also remember that the most important thing here is not motivation, ideas or team. These tools sometimes play a key role and you are using these tools to develop apps.

Not only beginners, but also experienced people involved in the development process often make many important and influential mistakes in choosing the best technology that may match in the project structure. So, in that particular article, we decided to describe the best android APP development framework, which will allow you to have the final product you really want. So be prepared to listen to the nuances of using and choosing the Android framework that works best for your business.

What is the Android framework?

Before describing these top-level frameworks for creating Android apps, the answer to the question “What is the Android framework” might be appropriate, because people sometimes tend to ask a variety of related questions while programming, they think they are discussing the framework, However, they are wrong. So, in order to eliminate such problems, let me first describe the term.

To be frank, this framework is a set of technical web libraries and features that allow developers to better guide the development of his apps, websites or games. For example, if you need to deal with different features in your e-commerce site, such as scheduling checkouts and making them more suitable for customers, they can act as the most appropriate assistants, rather than you are willing to enter the payment process, all of which are Can be obtained with the help of a special framework. If you already know a few important things about the framework itself, then it’s best to continue discussing and describing the most popular AndroidAPP development framework.

1 Reactive X

Creating an app for Android or without a functional programming arrangement, any other popular platform is absolutely impossible. Therefore, due to the need to develop and control the different high-level requirements of the entire process of APP development, it is obvious to programmers that such problems require urgent decision making and construction of a special independent framework. The name of the framework is Reactive X. This is one of the most popular and widely used frameworks and is one of the must-have tools necessary and must be placed in the toolbox of any developer or programmer. One of the main advantages of these frameworks is the speed and simplicity of organizing the different operations of project development.

As you might expect, the main responsibility of Reactive X is to build and unify different platforms for faster and better construction. Thanks to Reactive X, you can combine platforms such as observer platforms, interactive platforms and feature platforms. In addition, thanks to this feature, you can radically improve the overall quality of your app.

2 Realm

To be honest, this is a very good Android APP development framework. If you ask me “What is the best framework for creating an e-commerce app?” I will respond, it is Realm, no doubt. It is a framework that is arranged directly for creating different databases. This is especially important for those who are willing to design their own shopping platform, as I have already emphasized. Nonetheless, a key goal in using this technology is to arrange different databases that have a good impact on the speed of the program you are creating. The truth is that data at the structural level can now be stored and monitored in a simpler and more organized way. In addition, Realm may allow you to develop different complex and large databases, such as SQLite, to be honest, this is complicated.

3 Crashlytics

No one wants to see errors in the apps and software used, even the developers themselves. That’s why you create software like Crashlytics. In fact, the extension was created during development and as the primary tool for crash reporting after the APP was released. Thanks to their real-time opportunities, you can quickly detect almost any possible error and problem while processing them without causing the rest of the project to crash. In addition, all AndroidAPP frameworks will be one of the best decisions. Not only is speed and reliability making this extension very popular, but it also simplifies the implementation of the app you are developing.

4 Stripe

If you have a pretty good business, then money can’t play a small role there, especially if you own an e-commerce store app. This framework allows developers to integrate almost any possible payment strategy into a project that will be presented to users later. One of the most important and critical parts of Stripe, which may make this extra tool so useful, not just functionality, because users can use any possible payment strategy, and can also use the flexibility and simplicity of the system itself. . As a result, the use of the framework will allow you to spend less time on financial operations and automatically monitor key capital flows in the app, saving time and saving money.

5 Picasso

The media plays an important role in the development of any app, especially when we are discussing different complex Android projects. This is why the use of this framework is very important. Picasso is a simple and practical image loader that allows you to arrange any collaboration that is absolutely different or even the most unusual image format, which is very beneficial for the app you are developing. Also, when talking about things like photo loading apps, we don’t have to forget that usually it has to be very compact and fast to avoid creating problems for developers. Picasso best meets these requirements due to its simplicity and speed, reducing the possibility of any problems during coding and testing.

6 Fresco

This is another android framework for transporting photos and other media files from the outdoors to your building site. Fresco was developed by Facebook and you can feel the quality of each of its leaders. However, this does not mean that such a framework is the best and can be used anywhere. Despite its fact that it has a very well-known name and a wide range of functions and opportunities, it is weaker than Picasso. That’s the truth, Picasso is able to analyze more data and get the job done faster. That’s why; we may come to the conclusion that the use of Fresco may be more suitable for smaller projects.

7 Mixpanel Analytics

This is a framework that is very similar to its competitor Google Analytics and we will be providing services later. Despite the fact that Mixpanel is not as popular as Google, the functionality of the framework may be more diverse and extensive, allowing you to do more in a better way while getting more data and improve your app. However, this extension is not free; you must pay a certain amount of time to get the full version.

8 best Google-based framework

Not a secret at all, Google is one of the most powerful companies in the world. It would be a very surprising thing if you were unwilling to contribute to the development of various projects and developers’ frameworks. Still, a set of Google frameworks and network decisions are fairly modest, but we have to check it out accurately. This is because, in fact, the company is ready to give you an advantage for almost any purpose, and these three frameworks may be the best proof of these words.

9 Google Play services

It is almost an unrestricted platform developed by the company. There is an additional feature that is fairly modest but certainly not a complete list, which you can find in extensions such as maps, location and GPS, ad and app invitations, login with Google+ and many other features. There is no doubt that such a framework is very easy to use because the facts are simple and 100% clear. Also, thanks to the automatic updates in Google Play services, you won’t miss the latest news.

10 Google Analytics

The Google Analytics framework is very famous, which is why it doesn’t have to talk too much. I believe this is enough to show that this extension gives you the opportunity to monitor and analyze all the most important and important aspects of APP development in the market, access and penetration.

11 Google Support Library

Even for those who don’t have much involvement in programming, I believe that such questions are familiar. The problem is that it is impossible to collaborate between the two softwares, because one of the software was developed on an overly old version and is not the latest version. That’s why using the Google Support Library framework is very important for re-developers who are interested in supporting the new UI version of the old Android version.

in conclusion
Choosing the right framework for APP development can be a fairly complex and controversial decision. However, if you may be able to arrange all the necessary elements of Android’s existing framework and extensions in a solid body, which may become the brain and soul of your app, then you may be 90% sure that future success is close All dreams will become real.