How secure are your devices?

Security is a major concern in the digital world since a small vulnerability could create huge aftershocks through the theft of confidential information, your bank credentials and more. This is a rising concern that the ethical hacker community points out on a daily basis. Today, we will discuss a product which is designed to protect all your Android operating system devices.

Bitdefender is an excellent tool which protects you from both known and unknown threats with constant vigilance. Without any delay, let’s discuss what Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android makes it an excellent guard for your Android.


When it comes to digital protection, there are various methods that cybercriminals and hackers innovate on a daily basis. In order to face these attacks and be the victor, you need to have a strong suit to overcome any daunting task or tasks.

Some of the features responsible for the popularity of Bitdefender among Android users are:

  • Privacy protection
  • Malware Scanner
  • VPN – Virtual Private Network
  • Anti-theft which includes remote access options like date wipe, location, device lock and alerts
  • App Lock
  • Reports
  • Compatible with any wearable Android devices too

Some of the eye-catching features, like App lock, help lock a particular App like your banking App, to forbid anyone accessing it to steal data. Anti-theft assists to wipe the phone clean avoiding the risk to the data leak. These are the reasons why Bitdefender is a formidable enemy of unethical hackers and cybercriminals.

This just covers only the surface of the types of protection offered by Bitdefender since a lot goes on in the background. The cloud security is a new technology which helps detects threats faster than normal methods and prevents any vulnerability in the device.

Another part of the protection offered is the mandate to halt and terminate of those Apps which are suspicious and malicious. Even with a single unsure red light being popped by Bitdefender, it will not let you install that particular App.

On-demand and On-Installation Scan

You have the all exclusive on-demand scan benefits, which can be used to know the current status of your device. This helps clear unwanted memory, temporary or cache files and unnecessary files from your device making the memory as free as possible.

The other unique on-install scan is performed when a new application is installed. Every piece of code will be examined to determine if its genuinely belonging to the App and not just a piece of code entering the system to cause issues later. A clean device with maximum security is always preferred by everyone, including the hackers themselves.

User Interface

The User Interface is simple to use even for the first-timers. It has both graphical user interface to access it directly from the app menu and it also has something called “command line interface”, which offers better assistance for advanced users.

Script and extension-based integration assists in configuring all your favorite files and emails sent to the client. It is pretty much a simple App, with an advanced version for additional options just in case the user would like to explore a bit more about the App.

Bitdefender scans for archives if any stored in your device prior to its installation for any threats which provides an individual file report if you need it.

Battery Consumption

This is a regular concern for everyone even though Android has excellent battery backup. Just to clear things up here, Bitdefender doesn’t consume battery when offline meaning that the app will still run in the background but doesn’t need battery power. The cloud-based threat detection is the main reason for the no battery consumption concept here.


Bitdefender is available for all devices, you just need to find their dedicated apps. For Android, try to locate Bitdefender on Google Play Store. You’ll be redirected to a sign-in page.If you have registered with Bitdefender already, Sign-in or else Sign-up.

Then, the step by step installation is:

  • Select My Devices on the upper left corner of the screen
  • Click Install Local Protection
  • Select Bitdefender Mobile Security from the list
  • Now, go to Google Play Store
  • Click ‘Install’ for the relevant app
  • Once you have downloaded the app, you will have to activate Bitdefender linking it to your registered ID
  • You would usually have a subscription code with the option to activate it, click on Activate
  • Then you need to select Account Info from the Menu list
  • Here, you have an option to extend your subscription or use the free version
  • Some of the features you see can be explained as benefits as well.

Benefits of Bitdefender

The basic benefits that you could expect from Bitdefender are:

  • Malware Protection
  • Cloud Scanning
  • Low Battery Impact

Some of the essential benefits which describe the App to its last code are:

  • Unparalleled Detection
  • Feather Light Performance
  • Full Speed Effective Scans

The notification you receive in different colors will assist you in knowing the current status of the device. You have to take quick action in case of an attack, the App prompts you to either run a scan or warn you via a dialogue box of any app recently installed might harm your device.

There is always an App with malicious code which could be installed on your device, Bitdefender has a keen eye and will notify of these detections immediately.

You should take immediate action to either delete the App or try to scan the app for any malware.

I would certainly recommend the first option of deleting the App to avoid any breach now in the future.

Final Thoughts

Bitdefender is one of the best Android protection software Apps on the market. There are both free limited version and paid versions with more features, and many different varieties for you to choose from.

You are welcome to choose the one you like. I hope this information will assist you in learning how to safeguard your phone from any foreign entity.