Here, this guide for Fix “Pokémon go unable to authenticate” Error. You are login but not log in that is login Error to say Pokémon go unable to authenticate that is a common issue for all because iOS version update of 1.0.1 after many IOS Users complained about this error.

Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate

However, many users used Pokémon Trainer Club account to sign into Pokémon Go after this get these issues like Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate. This error is reported by use Google account to sign into Pokémon Go. Here, below to How to Fix this Error.

How to Fix “Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate” Error

Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate

Here, basically, two methods to try to avoid Unable to authenticate error like First for Airplane mode and second for you can check Pokémon Go Server Status. See below more details.

Method 1#. Airplane mode Method

However, First For you can try this small method to work or not. Now you see “Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate” or games Stuck on login screen after you try this small method.

Step 1: Shutdown the Pokémon Go Game.

Step 2: After you can clearing to recent open apps.

Step 3: Go to settings.

Step 4: After Turn on Airplane mode.

Step 5: After Back to Pokémon Go.

Step 6: Try to Login.

Step 7: Done.

I hope to this method work for you. If you are not working this method after try the second method to check Server Status see below Details.

Method 2#. Pokémon Go Server Status Check

Here, the Second method for you can check Server Status.

However, you can check Pokémon go server Status your country from the Official Pokémon Go troubleshooting website.  Also, you can see Server Is Up or It Just Unstable also Server is it’s unstable but not working on your device so you can try next method below.

Method 3#: Sign In after Few Minutes Wait

Now, you can check server status after you can see is Unstable Server after wait for few minutes and try signing in to the server again.

Method 4#:  Clear the Cache

Step 1: Exit Pokémon Go app.

Step 2: Go to settings.

Step 3: Go to Apps section.

Step 4: Choose Pokémon Go app.

Step 5: open it.

Step 6: Clear the cache data.

Step 7: is not work after trying Force Stop.

Method 5#: Write to Something’s for Niantic

Here, for the best method to you can write for “Pokémon go Unable to authenticate” error to Niantic also after you get a reply from next 48 hours.

However, you check above method to try after I hope your problem like Pokémon Go Unable to authenticate error to solve. Niantic Labs has strictly followed your accounts also many users to banned account for any regions also check for this.

So, completed guide for [Solved] How to Fix “Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate” Error and you read this guide very helpful for you.