Travelling applications have been around for a couple of years now. But today, you can get the best apps on android and IOS and believe me when I say that they are truly life-saving. You can find anything on them. From plane tickets to holiday homes, everything is just a few clicks away.

Top travelling applications

Well, there are a lot of these travel apps on the App Store or Play Store which is why finding the right one can be a bit tricky and time-consuming which is why we have created a list of the top best applications that would help to plan a wonderful and fun-filled vacation. Let us just drive in then.

1. Kayak

This the one of the best go-to trip planning application of thousands of peeps out there. You can make all the major reservations using the application. Whether it is hotels or rental cars, the app has got you covered.  The application scrolls through various travel application to find you the best deals on plane tickets, hotels and car rentals.

2. Citymapper

The app has got a lot of cities covered. Instead of focusing on the private companies the app focuses on the local transportation system. It connects you with the number of transportation companies that can help you get to your destination through the fastest route possible. Plus the app allows you to check for subway and train timings as well. It is just the complete package.

3. XE Currency

We all need some way to convert our currency into the currency of our destination. It is always better to make a rough estimate of the cost that you would have to endure during your trip. XE Currency is a robust currency converter app that is available for IOS and Android. It constantly updates the exchange rates and keeps you updated.

4. Google Trips

This app is just something that comes in handy. It automatically pulls reservations from your email and creates an underlying of your vacation. So now you don’t have to worry about keeping track of stuff because the app will do it for you. Plus it allows you to search for popular places in the area, for example, you can search for Theme Parks in KL.

5. OpenTable

Food is a priority. OpenTable allows you to locate the cafes and restaurants that are the nearest to you. Instead of walking here and there on the street, looking for a place to eat you can simply search for the desired eating places near you.

6. Google Translator

Language is a barrier when you go to other countries for vacations but not anymore. With Google translator, you can translate any language you like into your native one without having to worry about anything. The app also supports voice over so we can say that it is amazing.

7. Hotel Tonight

Finding a place to stay can be hard. Hotel Tonight allows you to find the perfect hotel room for you. You can set in your desired price range and the features that you would prefer and the app would do the rest for you.