Looking for the best and most popular mobile games, and in the market, some types of gaming apps stand out above others. Mobile gaming has not just shown, but it’s still a huge market for developers over the past few years, Mostly people look to Android and iOS to fulfill their gaming needs. We have been wondering those gaming apps over the data and statistics in the market and have found that there are a few types of gaming apps out. If you are into mobile gaming developers or also some gamers that you want to know where the markets are heading, this best guidance the most popular types of gaming apps.

1#: Casual

Another most unusual games are Casual games which also at the top of the most popular gaming apps. It has exactly what the name propose which games are ones you can easy to play when you want and then put down when you want.

These casual games are no rush to get belongings done, and you do not need to be in the game for hours to entertain yourself.

Casual games are more put down back and frequently times are free on both the platforms like iOS and Android. Casual games are more likely to have the announcement in them and also are more apt to have in-app purchase options too. Mostly the Casual games are a massive success in the mobile market because people often will wish for to play a game while they are waiting for amazing.

2#: Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games

The world’s best evergreen mobile gaming has to come as some surprise. The puzzle genre is still number one when it comes to life form highly successful across both iOS and Android. And another Puzzle games take over 40 percent of all mobile gaming, and there are always new puzzle games being developed.

Also too we have an established app developer or a new gaming app developer, that sure one way you can increase your achievement is to make decent puzzle games. We have seen puzzle games like Candy Crush be immensely successful, and the match-three puzzle game type is a huge part of the success of that. See more Best Tower Defense Games.

3#: Casino Game

Casino Game

Are you serious? PLAY online casino games! Let’s move forward to the game apps for casino lovers that huge fans of markets, The Casinos have been one of the most popular playable games of the last 100 years. Here we would like to describe best ever game like pokies that you play with wilds, stacks, multipliers, mystery symbols, super symbols and free spins then play Casino Games and make new Slots and enjoy over 50 slot machines! Also there the free slot available for you, who can extremely love the Las Vegas thrills, and make sure that will give you lots of events, mystery prizes, daily goals and the winner you can collect and claim prizes for!

4#: Arcade


Arcade games are recently developed and launch the new way of the gaming world. Now in the market many favorite arcade games available that you are comfortable to get experience on your Smartphones. Arcade games are highly winning and popular because most of the arcade games are true copy or spin-offs of real iconic arcade games people used to play in the pizza parlor or other venues.

Arcade games can be new-age regarding high-definition graphics and, or they can be more old-school and use the 2D graphics with the less high-quality design.