Why mobile games deserve to be at the same level that all other games and what interesting mobile games can be played without an internet connection

Best Mobile Games to Enjoy Offline

Everyone loves mobile games and . Gaming is fun, interesting, and, the most important, always at hand. You can play them at any time and in any place: on your way to school or work, when you are waiting in a queue, eating lunch or lying in bed before sleeping, or even when you are working on your formal research paper outline. Somehow, mobile games are the way of socialization because they bring people together. Game forums, online games, competitions, and discussions. Mobile games are a good entertaining alternative to video games, sports games, and board games.

The Advantages of Mobile Games

Nowadays mobile games have several advantages that make them so attracting. First, they are mobile, which means that you do not have to be stuck with your PC or screen to play. Another positive point is that mobile games do not require you to spend several hours a day playing. Mostly, they are games that you can play for five minutes, go out, and return the next day. The other advantage is that there are thousands of free mobile games both online and offline, so you can choose whatever you like without spending money on it.

Seven Capturing Offline Mobile Games

Let us have a short overview of seven mobile games that do not require an internet connection and could be played by an only single player.

1#: The Room Three

It is a puzzle game that seems challenging and ambitious. The things are moving on the mysterious site where the player is locked away in the row of rooms. The goal is to solve multiple puzzles that open the doors, so a player can escape. In the game, there are no magic buttons to help a player to skip the tasks. Only creative thinking and patience will help to complete the game.

2#: Bad Land

The game was so cool that it was ported to consoles. The concept is pretty usual: a player navigates a little creature through many obstacles and traps. However, many elements make this game look amazing. Fantastic challenges, unpredictable abilities, and nice looking design encourage players to continue their adventure until the end.

3#: Plague Inc

The strategy game with a quite unusual mission – to contaminate the world with a particular bacterium or virus. A player has to choose the plague, create a plan how to infect the population all over the world, and implement his or her strategy. It may sound simple, but in practice, the game is very interesting and involving.

4#. Alto’s Adventure

A snowboarder is running down the endless slope. This game is pretty typical of its genre, but there are more than two hundreds specific goals that a player has to achieve. A fabulous graphics, dynamic weather effects, and many bonuses along the way. It is one of the best endless-running games ever.

5#. Crossy Road

The main character is a creature that resembles both frog and bird. The purpose is to navigate this character across the roads with an active, never finishing traffic. Colourful design, nice decorations, and an impressive diversity of obstacles. A player has to be fully concentrated to get as many scores as possible.

6#. Plants vs. Zombies

This game is righteously considered the best game in its genre. Zombies attack the player’s hand and a player has to defend his/her territory by using plants. The game contains more than fifty different plants-soldiers who have different abilities. The higher level is being played, the more active zombies become. This game is unbelievably charming and very captivating.

7#. Oceanhorn

Monster of Uncharted Seas”. A boy goes towards the epic adventure to find his father. He travels from area to area, discovering new islands, full of danger and treasures. Detailed visuals and fun gameplay make this game worthy to be played.

So above are the  list of Mobile Games to Play Offline.If you have good internet connection then You can also play  Pokemon games online.