Cloud networks and computing services are in fact one of the most promising technologies that have successfully changed the business landscape and those that have embraced it have been found to gain a better advantage over competitors.

Businesses that have adapted to the technology have been found to experience growth faster than expected. In fact, technology intelligence group Forrester revised its 2011 forecast because they have found to have fallen short of industry predictions of not less than 20%.

Another report by the Cloud Security Alliance revealed that 33% of companies have migrated to cloud service with 86% of companies appending a part of its budget to cloud services such as the ones provided by IT infrastructure services companies.

Financial group Goldman Sachs also reported that cloud computing infrastructure systems have a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30% from 2013 to 2018, significantly higher compared to overall enterprise IT figures at 5%.

By 2018, 33% of companies have embraced the concept of cloud computing services with 86% of companies spending part of its IT budget on cloud-based services aside from other IT infrastructure services prescribed by a Virginia IT consultant or a similar advisory group from any part of the world.

Ease of use and mobility

With cloud-based simplified and enhanced IT maintenance and management capabilities, one can readily access a networked mainframe or server from a remote location. Cloud service providers also take responsibility for ensuring maintenance and system updates so you can be free from worrying about downtimes and other untoward incidents commonly associated with hardware integrity or the like.

Strategic leverage

You are assured of flexibility and versatility, rather than being tied down to a specific location. If you need to stay ahead of your competition then increase your competitive edge by using cloud-based services. Cloud-based services make IT support and service platforms readily available and on-demand, without having to spend so much for your physical IT hardware and software equipment.

You do not only get to save time, you also get to save up on other IT-related resources which can be cumbersome and give you limited mobility.


Due to its mobile capabilities, mission-critical applications can be launched with the least cost and at faster time responses. You save a lot of upfront costs with faster provisioning time. You also get to focus more on other business matters instead of wondering about the reliability of your server infrastructure or human resources.

So, when making the right choice, make sure you are properly informed and stay on top of things before deciding on what course of action you desire to take.