If you are looking to know the difference between mp4 and mp4 then you have come to the right place. Mp3 vs Mp4 is a long debate and today my article will address them all for you. 

The most vital difference is the kind of data both these forms store. You may like a podcast or a long music library and you like to store it. Some come in mp3 and some in mp4. Should you worry about the debate of mp3 vs mp4? 

Mp3 and Mp4? What is it? 

To know the debate of mp3 vs mp4 you need to get through the basics. 

The meaning of MP3 is MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. The format being passed in 1991 to send smaller audio files while being compressed online, faster. In other words, mp3 compresses and reduces the data may that be sound even that is not caught by the human ear. 

Mp4 came in to being in 2003. Stands for MPEG-4 Part 14 and based on the Apple QuickTime MOV format it modified the mp3 format. 

Mp3 vs Mp4? 

Even if mp3 and mp4 exist together easily, yet, the core difference is the multiple features of an mp4 format.

Even though mp4 does not innately pump up the quality of the sound, it can offer upgrades in quality, largely depending on how you use it. The whole debate of mp3 vs mp4 does not answer the question of which one format should you use. It is just an extended way of compressing audio files to share online. 

While you can only get audio on mp3 files, mp4 files have additional features for video, subtitles, stills or even plain text. It is rather a container format than plain codes. So, in the end, it really depends on what you are using this format for. 

 The initial difference is that a program that plays an MP3 does not play an MP4.  Now with many software options, the portable music players play for formats. 

But given the vast format difference, it is almost next to impossible to settle on the mp3 vs mp4 debate. It is like comparing apples to iron. 

MP3 vs MP4 – Which One to Use

Should you get MP4 format or an MP3? That largely depends on the device you are using. For iTunes and Apple devices mp3 always works but that does not mean mp4 is not as flexible. 

Of course, a recording is only as good as the source is. If your device is poor then it really doesn’t matter which format you use it in whether mp3 or mp4. Poor earphones can also drain out the differences between the two formats. 

Even though as of 2017 the mp3 format is officially declared obsolete. 


Even though the discussion of mp3 vs mp4 is an obsolete one with the arrival of innovations and it largely depends on your device. 

You would like to store your files in WAV format and that would give you a more felxible edge over your audio file storage.