How to Install Cydia without Jailbreak on IPhone


Here, how to Install Cydia without Jailbreak on iPhone and Apple devices offer massive technology and high quality and you can personalize your iOS experience by installing tweaks from Cydia and the problem is that many users damaging their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch but you get access to Cydia without jailbreak your iOS device that is best for all time.

Cydia Install on iOS running iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9 or iOS 10. No jailbreak required that is best for Cydia and also Cydia installer for iOS is one of the best third-party stores and also amazing apps that are not found in the official app store of Apple but Cydia Appstore available most of the app that is reason iOS users want to installs Cydia.

Cydia almost all the iOS editions for a long time and also it had not been available for the latest iOS versions including iOS 9 and how to install step-by-step see below.

How to install Cydia installer for iPhone without Jailbreaking


Step 1: Go to Settings > General > About check IOS Version.

Step 2: Now, Then you can see the current iOS version.

Step 3: Then, launch the Safari browser on your device.

Step 4: Access the link

Step 5: After Scroll down to Browse all themes and after Click download Cydia without jailbreak.

Step 6: After you see the icon Fake Jailbreak and tap on it.


Step 7: Page load completely.

Step 8: After then see option Application icons tap on this option.

Step 9: Select Silver App Store icon.


Step 10: After on the same page and then tap install icons.

Step 11: Redirected to the Install Profile of the Settings.

Step 12:  After Tap to Install on the top right.

Step 13: Profile is installed after press done.

Step 14: After Go to Safari after press the home button.

Step 15: See home screen now, app sees homepage.

Step 16: After clicking on Cydia alternatives.

Step 17: Open

Step 18: After you can see the install option on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 19: Click on install.

Step 20: After, FlekStore app on your device menu. Open it.

Step 21: Scroll down you find Cydia app. Click on the app and install.

Step 22: After completion of installation.

Step 23: Done.

Here Follow above Steps do not need to jailbreak your iOS device install Cydia installer iOS app and this app store is easy and complete guide for How to Install Cydia without Jailbreak on iPhone and you read this guide very helpful for you.