How to Monitor Someone’s Snapchat


Snapchat is one of the most used social apps on the planet, especially by the teens. But that’s not the point of concern for parents. What poses much concern is the app’s feature of keeping the shared contents for a particular time period and then deleting them. The photos and videos are called “snaps”. Teens like this feature in particular because they can share crazy stuff with their peers or strangers online, such as sexually explicit material, bullying, drug abuse and all sorts of dirty stuff. So how can you monitor someone’s snapchat, especially if they are dear to you and you don’t want to lose them? Simply use snapchat spy apps!

Do you really need to do this?

Well, it depends with the person in question. If it’s your kids, you have all the reasons to monitor them on snapchat. If it’s your spouse, you surely don’t want to lose them now, but what they do on snapchat is unveiled to you, you may have a different thought. Most sneaky people like Snapchat because whatever they share or receive is deleted after the time interval they set has elapsed. The deletion happens on both the receiver and the sender’s chat logs. That way, no one can really monitor what they do online. That rings the alarm for the dire need to monitor their activities online.

How hacking is done

The process of monitoring snapchat actually involves hacking. Does that mean that you must know anything about hacking? Not at all! There are a couple of companies that deal with snapchat monitoring who have already absorbed the burden for you. All you got to do is install one of their availed snapchat spy apps to hack your target’s snapchat. And the process of installing the apps is pretty simple!

Snapchat monitoring apps are available for both android and iPhone devices. However, some of the apps will need extra permissions from a device’s operating system during installation. For android, thy require device to be rooted while iOS devices need to be jailbroken. There are those apps that don’t need a device to be rooted or jailbroken.

Why would you go the hard way, when there’s a simpler way to achieve desired results? Instead of rooting or jailbreaking a device, which your target may not readily allow you to, you can easily achieve snapchat monitoring by installing these flexible apps.

Choice of spying apps

There are plenty of snapchat spying apps, each with different types of features. You simply need to play smart by choosing one that best fits what you’d like to achieve. The good thing is that most of these apps can make you go incognito, all your tracks will be hidden so need to worry on that. Let’s sample a number of these apps.

  1. FlexiSpy

As the name sounds, FlexiSpy gives you more flexibility in monitoring your target’s snapchat activities in real time. Even after the multimedia and chat logs have been deleted from your target’s account and device, you will be able to retrieve the same using FlexiSpy. Think of it as another snapchat with no deletion settings on. You can check your target’s chat logs, multimedia logs, call logs plus much more.

2. mSPY

This is simply one of the most commonly used snapchat spy apps on the market. It’s quite expensive but the value is readily seen through what it can achieve. It gives you access to the target’s snapchat activities and files through a dashboard accessed online. Once you make a purchase, you will be granted login details which you will be using to access your target’s snapchat logs. One thing required first is to install the mSpy on your target’s device. mSpy does not offer a free trial feature for users, but there is a comprehensive demo on the app’s official website that will guide you on what to do.

The app works on real time with the snapchat app on your target’s device. Whenever they are online and whatever they do you will be able to view all logs.

  1. WebWatcher

This spying app actually surpasses most of the other apps. It works nicely on all the platforms both android and iOS. Very few formalities are required to install it on the target’s device, which means, you won’t be caught unawares with the device owner. WebWatcher can allow you to monitor more than one snapchat account. It will give you access to chat logs, call logs and any other activity of the target. It also allows you track the location of your target using the GPS feature.

With these three of the best spy apps, you can easily monitor your target’s snapchat activities in real time. These present the best way for parents to monitor their kids.

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