Pixel smartphone series a popular Android smartphone series by Google, and currently it holds two generations Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2 devices. This year, Google plans to extend the scope by launching the Google Pixel 3. At the moment, there is no official information available for next Pixel device, but the rumors are being circulated.

The reviews of present Pixel devices favors the Google. Yes, Pixel 2 is a very nice smartphone and offers a decent design. Due to the fact that the Pixel 2 is quite a small device, it is convenient to use with one hand. You do not need to do any unnecessary movements to reach the blinds of notifications. By the way, it can be omitted by running your finger along the fingerprint scanner on the back panel. The dimensions also favor the device, due to which it is easier to use with one hand. But if you like a smartphone larger than 5 inches screen then you can pick the big brother Google Pixel 2 XL. And, in case if you are not in a hurry then you should definitely wait for the upcoming Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL.

If you don’t know, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL has quite a difference, having said that XL version is not an only larger version but also offers design changes and performance difference. Yes, the frameless Pixel 2 XL looks much better. But with it, there is another problem – massive complaints of users to burn out the display. With a small Pixel 2, there are no such problems. We expect Google to overcome this small issue with Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones.

For the audio configuration in the Pixel 2; the symmetrical frames are needed in order to place stereo speakers in them. Well, if for the sake of them the manufacturer sacrificed the design, then they will now make a cool sound, right? But no, the sound is quite ordinary, nothing remarkable at all. Yes, Pixel 2 doesn’t satisfy the audio lovers, we hope Google to partner with some interesting firm that is expert with sound and configuration such that the next Pixel 3 will have something cool.

If you are saying that the Pixel 2 has a dull display, then you are right up to some extent. This dullness doesn’t show the brightness issue; it is more about the innovation issue. The Pixel 2 received a 5-inch AMOLED with a resolution of 1920 × 1080. The display here is much better than it was installed in the original Pixel smartphones – but it’s not great to call it. Before, it is less green and does not flicker like the first model, but at great angles, there are iridescent divorces, and the overall color rendering is inferior to Super AMOLED in Samsung’s flagships and OLED matrices of the new iPhone X.

Per the rumors, the next Pixel 3 will overcome this issue as Google may be planning to include the infinity technology display on their phones. However, there are no official words yet. Going by the trend of the series, you may expect the Google Pixel 3 smartphone by the end of this year, to be specific in the month of October or little early. With the launch of new Pixel, Google will also reveal the new Android operating system, and the Pixel 2 and Pixel 1 users shouldn’t be afraid, as Google will also release an update for them too.