Top PS4 & Xbox One Fallout 4 Mods


Fallout 4 Mods are available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and Fallout 4 is backed by an extensive modding community and the Fallout 4 mods marketplace is full of options for your console of choice and after some new update on board your console and you all get access to a growing catalog of mods and Bethesda’s catalog now features over 11,000 Fallout 4 mods and this huge number of Fallout 4 Mod.

Best PS4 & Xbox One Fallout 4 Mods

See below best Fallout 4 mods and noting that PS4 Fallout 4 mods are far more limited than Xbox One mods because PS4 mod developers not use external that is best.

1. PIP-Pad (Xbox One Fallout 4 mods)

PIP-Pad are tired of looking at the same old Pip-Boy every time you play you all want to take a look at this Fallout 4 mod for Xbox One and not available for PS4 and also PIP-Pad swaps out the Sole Survivor Pip-Boy for a pad that works exactly like the Pip-Boy does only it looks a whole lot different and PIP-Pad stands for Personal Information Processor and it’s based on an actual item in the Fallout universe.

2. Subway Runner (fallout 4 mods)

Subway Runner fallout 4 mods is a unique Fallout 4 mod that connects most of the subway stations around the Commonwealth and this mod crates a vast network of subway tunnels that connect various subway stations across the map and some type Station added for the Game and after Subway Runner fallout 4 mods tunnels are not just filled with debris and train wrecks and you all encounter various Ghouls, Raiders, Super Mutants and Synths and you all able to move quickly from one place to another that is best all time.

3. Constructible Guards (Fallout 4 mod)

Constructible Guards is a brand new Fallout 4 mod that allows you to construct your very own guards to protect the settlements in your fold and now you can construct Brotherhood of Steel, Minutemen, Institute, Railroad and Lyon Pride to guard your property for this fallout 4 mods and after Fallout 4 Mods are not available for Ps4 is not PS4 mods and also available for Xbox One it is also Fallout 4 Xbox one.

4. Glowing Animals Emit Light (simple Fallout 4 mods)

Glowing Animals Emit Light is a simple Fallout 4 mod that adds a light source to creatures that glow in the dark and bigger the creature and the brighter the light and it is going to give off a brilliant light that makes it a whole lot easier to fight and this available for Fallout 4 mods are available both for PS4 and Xbox One.

5. Dino’s Decorations

Dino’s Decorations adds a ton of clutter arrangements for your various settlements and like decorating and this Fallout 4 mod adds some neat looking static items for your settlements including kitchenware and lab tools and you add them to a surface and your character not is able to knock them around that is best.

6. Settlement Borders Extended

Settlements Borders extended other essential Fallout 4 mods and expands the size of the various vanilla settlements in the game and with this installed them are about six times the size freeing up precious space for you to build.

Now completed Guide for Best PS4 & Xbox One Fallout 4 Mods and read this guide helpful finding you best Fallout 4 Mods.