Chatbots have got immensely popular in the ecommerce world in the present times. If you are still pondering the use of chatbots for your ecommerce store, now is the time to act and use it for maximum potential. Here’s we will see how chatbots can enhance your ecommerce business growth and take it to another level.

1. Improve Sales and Conversion Rate

Chatbots help in improving the sales of the ecommerce store by addressing any objections that the customer might be having. It helps in resolving the issue instantly at that time. By being the virtual comrade of the customer, it can prompt them to make the purchase. However, if you want to improve sales and conversion rate, chatbot is not the only thing that is important but security of confidential data  which will be entered by users on ecommerce store is also matters.

Pro-tip: Focus on enhancing your ecommerce store security by installing best SSL Certificate. It not only helps in boosting conversions but also improves the search engine ranking of the store and instilling trust in the customers.

2. Enhance the engagement with your prospect

Your visitors are checking out several other ecommerce stores simultaneously and constantly comparing to get the best price. If an ecommerce chatbot pops up and helps the prospect with the product specifications and pricing, it would engage them much better and even enhance the customer retention rate. Chatbots can be an effective tool to upsell or cross-sell products.

3. Make it easy for your customers to DECIDE

Your customers are often an impulse away from making the purchase. Chatbots can provide that trigger that can entice the customer to buy from you. By taking care of the prospect’s concerns, they simplify the decision process. They can share the features and USPs of the product that the customer is looking for and eventually get the visitor to purchase.

4. Offer all the necessary information

Your prospects might be skeptical to purchase and have further questions that may or may not be about the product. In order to find the answers, they would have to navigate to the FAQs or help section. Chatbots come handy in such a scenario. They can be programmed to answer the commonly asked questions like shipping costs, package delivery time, customer feedback, etc. and ensure a smooth shopping experience on your ecommerce store. It can enhance the shopping experience by enkindling customer satisfaction.

5. Enables personalization

Chatbots can be a valuable asset in gathering the customer data and send out more relevant product suggestions and recommendations. Through this feature, you can create custom product pages that can strengthen customer loyalty and build a brand reputation that your competitors would envy. Personalization is of paramount importance if you want to appeal to your prospects and convert them into customers. Everyone is looking for an ecommerce store that can make them feel special, and chatbots do exactly that.

Pro-tip: You can even use emojis and add a friendly conversational tone to the chatbots. It will impart a human touch to the messages.

6. Efficient Customer Assistance

If it is noticed that the customer is constantly browsing through the same product, the chatbots can offer to assist them in case they have any special requirement. The chatbots can share the coupon code too, if any. Whether the customer wishes to get the order status or cancel the order or reschedule the delivery, chatbots should be able to help them in every possible way.

7. Guidance regarding the products

It is quite often seen that ecommerce visitors are not able to find the exact product they are looking for. For such customers, chatbots can be their superhero. Chatbots can provide the necessary advice to the customer in response to the inquiries that they have made. This will encourage them to make spontaneous purchases as it gives the feeling of interacting with a sales associate like brick-and-mortar stores.

8. Reduction in cart abandonment rate

Your ecommerce business gets hampered to a great extent by cart abandonments. It is the biggest blasphemy for anyone who is persevering to expand the business. There could be many reasons for cart abandonment, namely unexpected shipping costs, technical glitches in the website, long and complicated checkout process, payment declined, preferred payment gateway not supported, etc. Chatbots can work as reminders for the customers about the abandoned shopping cart. Customers often get tempted to complete the purchase on receiving such messages.

Pro-tip: You can instil a sense of urgency in the minds of the customer by highlighting the limited stock or fast-selling products. 

Wrapping Up

Integrating chatbots in your ecommerce store works as a boon if done right. It is the need of the hour if you want to stay ahead in competition. You cannot manually reach out to every customer in real time, but a chatbot can do that for you without asking for a holiday, without taking a break 24×7. That is the most beautiful part of chatbots.