You can be a working professional or a fresher at the doorstep trying to start a new phase in your professional sphere, but having a Cisco certification is something which is bound to enhance your speed of success and take you to newer, unexplored avenuesб those which you never previously thought accessible or possible.

What is Cisco?

Everyone is well aware of the name Cisco and its international reputation in the field of networking. What started as a small setup by a husband and wife duo from the Stanford University in 1984, it went on to become a public company in 1990. It has never looked back ever since and today has one of the most faithful customer base spread globally. Every industry or networking mogul swears by Cisco’s efficient security engineers, experts, trainers and the likes and if you come with a Cisco certification your value is doubled. You stand the chance to choose with offers pouring in from all directions and the next step to promotion automatically comes closer.

You ask how? It is because еруCisco сertified courses are not easy to crack and come after much hard work, consistency, focus, determination, and diligence on the pursuers’ part. It takes months of continuous reading, training, practising and learning to be prepared for the final exam and thus to have achieved that certification means your knowledge, skills and networking expertise is validated by the best and most reliable in the industry.

Cisco Certifications: Why and How?

Cisco offers multiple levels of certifications and the foundational begins at the Associate Certification and goes up to Professional for more advanced level courses. These cover varied job roles and different technologies hence are area specific.

The Cisco Certifications can be categorized as follows:

  • Entry
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Expert
  • Architect

The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certifications are specialized credentials and cater to as many as 10 different domains. According to your job profile and career specialization in which you seek to expand and explore you can choose the course. Under the specialized head are included:

  • Collaboration
  • Cloud
  • Data Centre
  • Security
  • Design
  • Routing and Switching
  • Industrial
  • Wireless
  • Service Provider
  • Cyber Ops

These specialized certifications once chosen by the candidate can be browsed online and on Ciscosystems to gather correct, accurate and up to date knowledge of the recent exam policies and syllabus.

The preparation for the exam begins only with a detailed assessment of the topics to be covered and should be followed by registering for training. The live videos to complete study guide or the study groups and blogs one participates in work as the most productive and proper channels of increasing knowledge on the subject. They serve as a non-judgmental motivational platform where one can train, ask questions and gather insight on the most basic concepts, simultaneously developing a sense of community.Today these places have become a great source of information where you can get answers from professionals about the best sites to avail training on the CCNA certifications, the training courses which are the best, the sites which provide most helpful and relatable videos according to the certification domain and which Cisco certified trainers can be found for assistance.

One of the entry-level courses that are ideal for any technician who can maintain, install, configure and troubleshoot any small to medium Cisco network is the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician).

This course’s training can be undertaken from any certified Cisco center and with its help, a student can learn to establish internet connectivity, build a medium-sized network, manage network device security and build a simple network. These are quite handy and apt for those aspiring to set up small houses and develop and learn further with time.

The CCENT can be followed by a professional CCDA (Cisco Certified Design Associate) certification which was made by Cisco to fulfill the requirements of enterprises which wanted their network designed in a way to elevate performance, scalability, and availability. These were desired to be built up in a way that it could meet up with rapidly evolving demands. To fulfill these agendas up-to-date, skilled professionals with the knowledge of creating networks are required and the CCDA course design works to train for the same.

This course is perfectly tailored to suit the needs of system engineers, sales engineers, and network design engineers alike. The syllabus of the CCDA focuses on network expansion considerations, design objectives, and methodologies, routing protocols and the like. It can be further raised to the expert level with the CCDP course that comes next in the general structure.

Along the same lines was developed the CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) Certification to assist the industry in discerning its skills worldwide, while also assessing the global expert level infrastructure network design.

When this core, expert level certifications were designed, they have changed the world of networking by challenging outdated networking assignments and induced deep technical knowledge in the industry. The testing tools to the methodologies are continuously updated so as to ensure highest program quality, relevance in the contemporary setting as well as value for money.

Having these technical courses under the belt ensures that an individual is committed to the field and has and continues to work hard to maintain the expert level standard within the industry.

These are the standards for networking expertise and training for these certifications allows the world to not only benefit from the knowledge but simultaneously increases your own value, repute, and position in the company. So why not to decide upon your specialized CCNA certification as soon as possible, and enter the world of networking by excelling in the exam and real-life scenarios. All it takes is conviction and desire on your part, and the efforts will automatically flow in just like knowing which is forever growing and helpful.