AppCake will not completely match to the quality of Installers but with Best features being introduced now and then to make it better and also store offers the community with a good number of paid applications to download and also device running iOS that is best for all time.

Here, Installers community and Hackles was probably one of the biggest blows to the jailbreak community and also Millions of people across the world using installers even those who not pay for premium applications the iOS Cydia community have come up with a number of alternatives and here AppCake is one best for all time.

Now, you are looking for any such source to download cracked apps for free after then go with AppCake repo and also that you can follow to download the required repositories and AppCake repo onto your supported Apple device that is best for all time.

AppCake Features

  1. AppCake Free apps.
  2. Installers Best Alternative.
  3. Apps hosted on free hosting
  4. All apps available in the play store.
  5. Installers like UI.
  6. Best User Experience.

How to Install AppCake without Jailbreak


Here, I install Cydia tweaks and the AppCake repo on the not jailbroken device and here you need to install AppSync from a trusted source and we will install AppCake repo from Cydia that is best for all time.

Step 1: Here, your Apple device is connected to the internet.

Step 2: After then using any browser open

Step 3: After tapping on Cydia with the software version on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 4: On the next screen after the tap on getting it.

Step 5: Launch Cydia and Tap on Manage>Sources> Edit.

Step 6: After popup window will open.

Step 7: Enter

Step 8: Tap on Add button.

Step 9: Here, finished syncing after search and install AppSync Unified.

Step 10: After launch Cydia and tap on Manage>Sources>Edit.

Step 11: After entering

Step 12: Tap to Add.

Step 13: After the sync is complete and search for AppCake and install it.

Step 14: Here, choose Add Anyway to continue with the installation.

Step 15: After you can reboot your device.

Step 16: Done.

How to Use AppCake

Here, Home Screen just covers the apps recommended by editors and which are downloaded the most across the world and also contains only the apps which are being downloaded the most from the AppCake market and those apps which are being downloaded the most time. A category shows the apps according to their genre and such as Games, Tools and Utilities, Social, Media etc and web and is primarily meant for downloading apps and games. Here, section shows all the active downloads and settings related to the AppCake app. You can change Options related to app installation, notification, bandwidth configuration, network source this AppCake.

Here, the complete guide for AppCake: Cracked IOS App Store Apps Download without Jailbreak and you read this guide very useful for all time.