The two primary objectives of winning at rummy are, to meld a winning hand as quickly as possible and forbid your opponents from winning the game. You can get started playing 24×7 rummy as easy as you learn the rules. But, winning may not be possible until you think differently in situations. It never works like one-size-fits-all when you are playing rummy. At times you need to change your ways innovatively in order to outdo your opponents.

Here’s a quick list of innovative ways to improve your rummy skills and outperform your opponents in the game.

1#. Be Argus-Eyed

When you are melding your cards, you need to be simultaneously vigilant to the moves of your opponents. In 24×7 rummy games, keep a track of the cards they are picking or discarding and mentally evaluate the possible combinations they may be working on. In addition, you could also try to guess the cards in the closed deck based on the cards getting discarded by your opponent. Be argus-eyed when you play online rummy.

2#. Be flexible

When once you have the mandatory pure sequence done, its time you loosen a bit and start exploring all possible options in order to meld the second mandatory sequence and the remaining cards. In rummy online, do not wait for a particular card; start evaluating other possible sequences with low-value cards.

3#. Jokers Jolt your Opponents

Jokers are no unimportant cards. After your pure sequence is done, jokers take the center stage as they can make or break a game. In case of a bad hand, since jokers do not carry any value they do not add up to your points. In 24×7 rummy, the more jokers the merrier you could be.

4#. Trick with duplicate card

Very often new-bee players tend to ignore the importance of duplicate cards and discard them in the very next move itself in rummy online. If you have 2 cards of the same value then you could drop one card and use the other card to meld sets and sequences. This will trick the opponents to believe that you do not want that particular card.

5#. Be cautious with high-value cards

Most of the time, players discard high-value cards blindly assuming they’ll be a liability to their game. In 24×7 games, if you have 2 consecutive high-value cards then pick immediately if a high-value card closer to your sequence is discarded by your opponent. On the other hand, if your opponent picks a high-value card then be cautious not to discard any high-value card closer to the discarded card. This way, you’ll be able to thwart your opponent’s chances of winning.

6#. Do not be rigid with the number of cards

In online rummy, when a sequence can have 3 or more cards and a set with a group of 3 or 4 cards, it is important you explore cards to check if you have more than 3 consequitivecards of the same suit. Hence, being rigid with the number of cards needed would only stifle your prospects of winning.


Innovation in your skill will bring an edge to your game over your opponents too.

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