As online marketing takes precedence in the current business landscape, it is impossible to imagine growth without having a web presence. Businesses across all domains must absolutely have websites to present themselves to the online audience and law firms are no exception. However, the expectations of the audience and requirements of business vary for this particular vertical. This is the reason that the law firm websites should have specific features that may differ from ones selling lifestyle products, IT services or healthcare services. Let us list the features that you must absolutely have for your law firm website.

Brand consistency

The main purpose of investing in a site is to strengthen your digital branding strategy. When you do have one designed, make sure that it is fully consistent with your brand’s image. Whether it is the logo of your firm, the theme colors or the tone of voice, everything on the website should replicate your brand to perfection. A potential client should be immediately able to connect the site with your firm.

Contact information

Since the most likely reason for clients searching your firm online is that they want to connect with you, the site should present the firm’s contact information clearly and prominently. If you run multiple offices, be sure to showcase the addresses, mail ids and contact numbers of all of them. Add a contact form where users can share their information to get a call from your representative. The site should also have links to social pages.

Client reviews and testimonials

Reviews of the real clients matter a lot for any business, specifically law firms, because they build trust and credibility. The article Why You Should Never Buy a Findlaw Website from Trial Law Digital suggests looking into reviews and comments from former employees and clients of a company before giving them your business. Positive reviews shown on the site, thus, play a vital role in driving clients for your firm.

Legal services

Obviously, the potential clients who visit you will be interested in knowing the kind of services you offer. This is so because they may have different requirements; some may want a lawyer to handle civil litigation while others may look for a criminal attorney and yet others may have a personal injury case. If your law firm offers a range of services, be sure that you have them all listed on the site. Introduce your team members and talk about their skills and experience as well.

Usability and responsiveness

Besides having the right content elements, your website should extend a smooth user experience as well. Ensure that the navigation is easy and it is also possible to search for lawyers on the site. Good loading speed is another factor that translates into an optimal user experience. Mobile responsiveness also matters because a majority of users prefer to search and access sites via mobile devices these days.

Considering the types of features that you would want for your law firm site, it is advisable to invest in a custom website. Look for a design and development team that has an eye for aesthetics and a penchant for the latest web development technologies.