How to Solve Net::err_unknown_url_scheme?

Here, this guide for all Smartphone user faced this err_unknown_url_scheme and using Smartphone and to increase the usability of the device we need to install apps. But recently some app developer is facing a problem navigating to the interface of some apps and also developers are facing the error and testing the app in the web view also error is “err_unknown_url_scheme” are facing this error looking for a solution to fix err_unknown_url_scheme read this below Guide.


This error sometimes gets triggered when trying to open another page of the interface and also error has one temporary solution. The error gets encountered the need to backward and click to open the page again. This error moves you away from this recent err_unknown_url_scheme on chrome and err_unknown_url_scheme on android and chrome problem this error is encountered for server error and many developers work many days for solving this error using another coding source like GitHub, Stack overflow many more also you can try this below Code to solve err_unknown_url_scheme Problem let’s Start.

Solve err_unknown_url_scheme

This error solves in different ways. Below share some code to fix err_unknown_url_scheme and also best thing considered for me not sure that this code works for all devices that are best.

Err_unknown_url_scheme Code Try This:


Public Boolean shouldOverrideUrlLoading (WebView view, String URL) {

   If (url.startsWith (“http :”) || url.startsWith (“https :”)) {

      Return false;


   Intent intent = new Intent (Intent.ACTION_VIEW);

   intent.setData (Uri.parse (URL));

   cordova.getActivity ().startActivity (intent);

   Return true;


Else if (url.startsWith (WebView.SCHEME_TEL) ||

         url.startsWith (“sms :”) ||

         url.startsWith (WebView.SCHEME_MAILTO) ||

         url.startsWith (WebView.SCHEME_TEL) ||

         url.startsWith (“maps :”))


    Try {

        Log.d (LOG_TAG, “loading in external app”);

        Intent intent = new Intent (Intent.ACTION_VIEW);

        intent.setData (Uri.parse (URL));

        cordova.getActivity ().startActivity (intent);

    } catch (android.content.ActivityNotFoundException e) {

        LOG.e (LOG_TAG, “Error opening external app” + URL + “: ” + e.toString ());



This chrome error needs to solve from the developer hand also try above code to fix err_unknown_url_scheme in your chrome and completed guide for How to Solve Net::err_unknown_url_scheme? And you read this guide very helpful for you.

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