YouTube, the world’s most popular video sharing service

YouTube is the world’s largest video services company, reportedly uploading 24 hours of video per minute.Although I have seen the video, it is quite a threshold and uploads the video very much, let alone not a lot, even those who are Irassharu think that we need special software or use the text on the screen with BGM?In fact, not only can you upload movies, edits such as turning on BGM, placing comments in movies, and using tools on YouTube. Easy to edit without special software.You can also set the scope of the disclosure, for example, to allow only friends, acquaintances, and video families to watch videos and movies, and to grow children when traveling with friends.This time I will explain how to easily publish and edit on the YouTube website.

File format, time, capacity that can be uploaded to YouTube

The file formats that can be uploaded to YouTube are as follows (some PCs, devices, tools, etc. cannot be upgraded properly).

Windows Media Video (.WMV).3 GP (Mobile).WMV (Windows).MOV (Mac).MP4 (iPod / PSP).MPEG.FLV (Adobe Flash ).MKV (h.264)in addition to the above format In the case of an external save format, it must be converted to one of the save formats by using video conversion software or the like. YouTube recommends using video in MPEG4 format.The capacity of one upload is 2 GB and the length is within 10 minutes. If it is another movie, split the movie file once and upload it after keeping the capacity and length within the specified range.

Upload a video from the YouTube website using a browser

To upload your video to YouTube, you’ll need to sign in after signing up for YouTube. If you have not yet registered as a member, click on “Create Account” in the top right corner of the YouTube screen and register as a member.1. Click UploadOnce you’re signed in to YouTube, click the “Upload” link at the top of the page on the right side of the search window. Click to display the upload page.

The upload link is at the top of the home page, next to the search window.

2. ChooseClick “Upload Video” for the video you want to upload, then select the video you want to upload. The upload will begin and the detailed settings screen will be displayed.

The capacity that can be uploaded at one time is 2 GB and the length is less than 10 minutes.

When uploading, if you set up the “automatic notifications” feature, you can post information about your uploaded videos and videos that have been registered as favorites to your friends, Twitter fans, and more. To use this feature, simply click on the “Connect account” link to connect to your YouTube account.3. Enter the title, description, label and category of the video.

We recommend that you fill in the title, description, tags, etc. during the upload phase.

Fill in the title and description, then select the category that is appropriate for uploading videos from the drop-down menu.The tag automatically displays the candidate tags based on the video content on the YouTube side. Although it is good to use it, in the case of only Japanese animation, it is best to write it yourself because the accuracy is not so good.4. Set up the movieThe scope of the disclosure is to set the scope of the disclosure,

  • Anyone can search and play “Public”,
  • “Private Post” can only be viewed by users who don’t see search results,
  • browse pages or channels but know the URL to view
  • only “private”
  • for specified users (having an account on YouTube)

There are three types to view.

Even if it’s set to private, you can share it with up to 25 users.

“Public” if you want to see more users (such as events and your live video), or “Private” if you only want specific users to see the child’s growth and private videos.Basically, you can’t see “Private Limited” except for users who know the URL, but in some cases, URLs that you don’t know at all will know that the danger is not zero. If you don’t want to show it to friends and family, we recommend that you always make it “Private.”Even if you make it “private”, you can’t upload movies, plays, ads, music videos, etc. without permission.When the upload of the video is completed, the URL of the video and the HTML tag used to paste the video on a website other than YouTube, such as a blog, will be displayed.

The URL shown here will be the URL of the video you uploaded.

Even after the movie is released, the above information, the disclosure range setting can be changed any number of times.

Upload videos recorded with webcam, etc. now

As of July 2010, YouTube cannot be streamed like USTREAM, but you can immediately upload content recorded using your webcam. By using it, you can easily upload the recorded one immediately, without having to spend time and effort as much as the previous page, regardless of the movie format.1. On the Upload Movie File screen, click Record from webcam.

With a webcam, you can batch record, save and upload on YouTube.

2. A pop-up screen will appear asking if you are allowed to access the camera and microphone, so click Allow.

Be sure to connect using the connected webcam.

3. Since the “Ready to Record” button appears, click it. The recording will begin.You can easily record when you check the recorded images on the screen.

When recording, the black circle button on the lower left will light red, so if you want to end the recording, click the circle that lights up in red.4. Set video information, etc.When the recording is complete, three buttons will be displayed. If you want to publish now, click Publish. When displaying the title and description and the open range settings screen, fill them in, set them up and save them.

Publish, re-record, preview you just click the All 1 button.

If you want to view the recorded content, click Preview. If you want to redo the recording again, click Re-Record.When you click Publish, the movie will play. If you want to make your disclosure private or private, please set your disclosure now. The title, description, etc. can be completed later.

Upload a movie from your phone

In addition to smartphones such as iPhones and Android phones, you can now shoot high quality movies on most mobile phones. You can also easily upload this video to YouTube.To upload a video taken with your phone, click “Settings” in “Upload directly from your phone to YouTube” on the right side of the “Upload Video File” page.Click “Settings” to create your own upload email address

Create a target email address for the movie. Just send a movie with a movie with this email address.When sending an email, place the subject name to make it the title of the movie, and the name written in the email text becomes the explanatory text. You can create and change on the site later, but if you want to publish quickly, enter the title and description text when you send the message.